Where is the American Spring?

I am watching “Occupy Wall Street Live Stream(Blog Here) And following news about “Occupy Chicago” There is a central site that coordinates “Occupy” events: Occupy Together.

I’m thrilled to see people coming together to do what many of us have wanted since at least 2008: protest forcibly and unflaggingly for change in how things are done in this country in the heart of the financial capital.

We’ve watched uprisings and peaceful demonstrations throughout the middle east this summer. We’ve seen how people can finally get fed up with the status quo and take forceful and peaceful action to effect change. Yes, some have been violent, but as Egypt demonstrated, it is possible to overturn tyranny through peaceful means. We have also seen that action can happen, and that widespread support for peaceful protests as in Wisconsin can work.

Amy Goodman at the Guardian UK wrote on September 21:

Outside in the cold Tuesday morning, the demonstrators continued their fourth day of the protest with a march amidst a heavy police presence and the ringing of an opening bell at 9.30am for a “people’s exchange,” just as the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange is rung. While the bankers remained secure in their bailed-out banks, outside, the police began arresting protesters. In a just world, with a just economy, we have to wonder: who would be out in the cold? Who would be getting arrested?

The election of President Barack Obama was an important step. But he himself acknowledged that he alone cannot effect change. He said he needed us to lead the way. He said that: “This is Our Moment.”

Where is “The American Spring”?

It’s all around us. It’s in every small protest, it’s in our demands upon Washington. It’s one slow painful slog to make change happen. And its happening right now, in plain view of the internet world, right there in New York City and on the front steps of the Federal Reserve in Chicago.