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DOE Highlights Clean Energy Jobs, Announces Major New Energy Efficiency Milestone

One day before Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman highlights the clean energy jobs created with support from the Obama Administration, the Energy Department announced that the weatherization program under the Recovery Act has now made more than 500,000 low-income homes nationwide more energy-efficient. The weatherization program is helping families save hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills, while employing more than 14,000 workers across the country and countless others throughout the supply chain.

Installed Cost of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the U.S. Declined Significantly in 2010 and 2011

Berkeley, CA — The installed cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems in the United States fell substantially in 2010 and into the first half of 2011, according to the latest edition of an annual PV cost tracking report released by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).

Grand Opening in Jacksonville

Today, Secretary Steven Chu joined with Saft America to announce the grand opening of the company’s Jacksonville, Florida, factory, which will produce advanced lithium-ion batteries to power electric vehicles and other applications. Saft America estimates it will create nearly 280 permanent jobs at the factory, and the city of Jacksonville expects an additional 800 indirect jobs to be created within its community. The project has created or preserved an estimated 300 construction jobs.

Groundwater pollution lingers at landfill near S.C. mountain

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Groundwater at a large landfill in lower Richland County, S.C., continues to show signs of harmful pollution, despite more than a decade of cleanup efforts.

While contamination levels are dropping in many groundwater samples at the Northeast Landfill, pollution hot spots persist at the 23-year-old disposal site a mile from Cook’s Mountain near Eastover, S.C., state records show.

Ecuador charges indigenous activists with terrorism

Defending sacred sights and the environment can land you in jail for being a terrorist, according to indigenous activists in Ecuador.

“There are about 200 cases against indigenous activists, campesinos, mextizos and other leaders,” Pepe Acacho, Vice President of CONAIE, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities in Ecuador, told Deutsche Welle.

Canada sitting on ‘massive’ store of geothermal energy, report says

A “massive” store of clean, renewable energy is sitting at Canadians’ feet, according to a federal report on geothermal energy.

Tapping into hot rocks that are tantalizingly close to the surface in western and northern Canada could generate more electricity than the entire country now consumes and generate few greenhouse gas emissions, says the report by a team of 12 scientists led by Stephen Grasby at the federal Geological Survey of Canada.

Global investment in clean energy hits $243 bn: UN

UNITED NATIONS – Global investment in clean energy rose to a record $243 billion dollars last year with the vast majority concentrated in the world’s top 20 economies, the United Nations said Wednesday.

Many countries are struggling with the breakneck increase in climate change financing, however, according to a new UN Development Program (UNDP) guide to one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Over the past two years more than 50 national public climate funds have been created. There are 45 carbon markets and more than 6,000 private equity funds providing billions of dollars for climate change action, the guide said.

Earlier this year a group of thinkers around the world gathered at Chicheley Hall outside of London to talk about how to stop global climate change. Their almost universal conclusion was that, at this point, geoengineering is our only viable option. Now a group at Bristol University in the UK has embarked on an experiment — the first of its kind — to create a fake volcano that would help reflect the rays of the sun back into space and away from the Earth’s atmosphere.

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