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I don’t know a lot about pigs. I do eat bacon and the occasional pork chop and I know they come from pigs. I am a city girl. I would have no idea, for example, how to steal 150 pigs:

All that is known about the time of the theft is that it happened sometime in the past month. It is not known whether the pigs were all stolen at once. Chadderdon said a cattle semi can accommodate 180 market-size (250 pounds) animals.

That is about $30,000 worth of pigs if you were wondering. It’s a lot of bacon.

I might not have shared this with you, but there’s more. In a neighboring county 590 pigs were stolen from a farm. Those pigs are worth about $100,000.

Livestock auction houses around the region are being warned to look out for anyone who may be trying to sell pigs that they have no documentation on.

I understand the warning but it did make me think of birth certificates and politics. My first thought, being a bit of a political junkie was, “Oh my G-d now even pigs need their birth certificates. Who knew?”

Maybe there are thieves with semi-sized trailers who understand the logistics of stealing and loading that many pigs. It blows me away. I would not know how to steal even one pig.

NPR reports that

Violent crime dropped 6 percent in 2010, marking the fourth straight year-to-year decline, while property crime was down for the eighth straight year, falling 2.7 percent, the FBI said Monday, referring to crimes reported to authorities.

There are no special statistics from the theft of pigs in case you were wondering. The politicians aren’t the only ones looking for pork.

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