Confession: I’m one of those privacy nerds, you know, those weirdos you normal folks think teeter somewhere between full-fledged paranoid and raging conspiracy theorist.

So imagine my reaction to hearing Google CEO Eric Schmidt say in a recent interview his company’s privacy policy is wanting “to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.” Heck, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on the receiving end of an overly-zealous attraction or two but I just figured it was women stepping right on that Google line. HoneyDo (keeper of the To-Do lists) says it was flat out creepy.

Now comes news that for the price of an Android Smartphone, Google will stalk me at no additional cost. Well where do I sign up for one of those? And as this video reminds, one certainly shouldn’t have to consider a world in which his or her wide stance isn’t visually seared into the country’s collective memory. Living in this Post-Wiener world, we all know for sure that what’s shared on Twitter stays on Twitter. Right?

I know, I know. You’re the smart one in the family. We all know your friends and relatives would never violate your trust. That’s likely what ole Zack from Wyoming mistakenly thought before this stunningly ill-advised thread hit the ‘Net. When we think of all our junk out in the ethos, we often blame corporations like – a virtual trove of personal treasure. I got quite the kick in the pants when I typed my name there and pulled up a picture of my house, my car with a razor sharp image of its license plate, not to mention my unpublished phone number. Whee!

As much as I’d like to blame “them” for intruding on my privacy, truth is it’s just as likely me. Or you. Or someone personal. Perhaps it was after one cocktail too many that one of us jumped on a site like Blippy, where you enter your credit or debit card number for the pleasure of letting the world know in real time what really cool gizmo you’re ringing up as you’re buying it. And because we belong to a No Friend Left Behind society, we broadcast where we’re shopping via one of the many “location-based” social network sites. Throw in your place and date of birth (psst, you likely just gave away your social security number right there) and you’re ripe for getting picked off by some unscrupulous knave.

Now all that information up there is for you regular people. You types worry about boneheaded privacy piracy from our most vaunted “smart people.” In the meantime, me and my tin foil hat brigade have our eyes on the real privacy snatchers: those Google folks who can’t wait to embed their little microchip in the crawlspace of our brains!

[NOTE: The Spokeo link above goes to their privacy site where you opt out of their “service.” Be aware that you may have so many entries, it might take a couple of days to remove them all. The number of requests are limited … (ready for it?) … to protect your privacy.]