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Reading the news can lead me down a couple of very different emotional paths.

There are times when I feel like the Republicans have created a theater of the absurd specifically for my entertainment. In this mood my laughter has an edge to it. My jaw is hanging open in sheer disbelief. I have turned off my thinking mind because it doesn’t work well trying to process all the inane inconsistencies. When Giuliani said he would run if the party got really desperate, I knew it was theater of the absurd time. The man does have an EGO, doesn’t he?

There are times when I feel like the inmates have escaped and I wonder what they are doing on the air waves. I know that fewer than 600 Iowans voted for Bachmann in the Ames straw poll. How that became nationally relevant is a mystery to me. The fact that she tanked shortly thereafter was good news. I wish she had done so before somehow casting her spell on the HPV vaccination which will save women from getting cervical cancer. I used the word “spell” deliberately. I think she is possessed but I’m not sure by what.

There are times when I wonder if they will get around to turning my country into the theocracy of their dreams during my lifetime. I don’t worry about this overly much because I figure they won’t be able to agree on which God is talking to them and what advice they’ve each been given by the voices they are hearing. Agreeing on God hasn’t been a task that any large group of people has accomplished. I take some comfort in this.

There are other times when I find myself teetering on the edge of despair. The Republicans have been consumed by the Tea Party zombies. They want to undo progressive legislation that has been built up over the years and most of what they want to eliminate is the parts of my country that I am most proud of. I believe that we are in this together. This time of teetering is when I need my friends. I haven’t yet actually needed someone to yell, “Don’t Jump!” but it’s been close.

Sometimes a friend can help me regain my perspective and remind me to neither give up nor give in. Other times a bit of a self indulgent pity party is called for. Misery loves company comes to mind. If this was a permanent state of despair I’d probably need medication. So far it has always passed. “I get by with a little help from my friends” is the song that comes to mind.

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