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During Secret Retreat With Billionaires, Koch Lobbyist Admits Tea Party Group ‘Designed’ To Elect Republicans In 2010

This morning, blogger Brad Friedman, writing in Mother Jones and BradBlog, revealed a set of audio tapes from the last major donor meeting convened by the billionaire Koch brothers. There are a number of startling revelations from the scoop — but the opening remarks from Kevin Gentry, a Koch Industries executive at the firm’s DC lobbying office, blow the cover off the many Tea Party efforts underwritten by the billionaires in the Koch network of donors.

Poll: Two-Thirds Of Republicans, Tea Partiers And Fox News Viewers Think Islam Is Incompatible With American Values

According to a poll of American attitudes released today by the Brookings Institution (PDF), conservatives, Republicans, and Fox News viewers are more likely than other Americans to hold views widely considered to be Islamophobic. The study, “What It Means To Be American: Attitudes In An Increasingly Diverse America Ten Years After 9/11,” tracks views of Muslims and disaggregates them by political affiliations and views.

GOP wants jobs summit before Obama speech to Congress

Even before President Barack Obama unveils his jobs package this week, GOP congressional leaders returned to Washington on Tuesday criticizing most of the proposals as nonstarters, showing the difficult road the White House faces in getting any legislation through the divided Congress this fall.

Is the post office too big to fail? Maybe not

WASHINGTON — Talk in recent weeks of post office closings and the elimination of Saturday mail delivery has shifted to a more dire prospect: The entire U.S. Postal Service could go out of business within a year.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told a Senate hearing Tuesday that the postal service is running out of money and could go into default as soon as next month unless Congress acts.

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Cordray vows accountability if confirmed to head consumer agency

Former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray promised senators that he would be accountable to Congress if confirmed to be the first director of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, hoping to address one of the criticisms of Republicans vowing to block any nominee until the agency’s powers are scaled back.

James Murdoch knew of wider phone hacking, ex-colleagues say

Media executive James Murdoch knew of a damaging piece of evidence three years ago that phone hacking was practiced by more than one reporter at the News of the World tabloid, despite his statements to the contrary, two of his former colleagues said Tuesday.

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Family Sues Over Alleged Hate Crime In Mississippi

The family of a black man who authorities say was run over by a white teenager in a truck filed a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday over the alleged hate crime.

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