For this weekend’s reading list, we have both a numerical analysis and a passionate plea for why labor unions matter, a look at the GOP’s efforts to restrict voting by Democratic-leaning groups, the story of another likely innocent person on death row in Texas, and a response to the purist left’s critique of President Obama.

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Why Unions Matter: The Numbers – an analysis of the major role that the decline of unions has had in allowing for increasing economic inequality in the US.

Why Unions Matter: An Essay – a passionate and personal defense of unions by a newspaper reporter in Nashville, Tennessee.

The GOP War on Voting – an in-depth analysis of the GOP’s Koch funded, anti-democratic effort to restrict voting by young people, the poor, and other groups who tend to vote Democratic by instituting photo-ID requirements, cutting back on early voting, restricting voter registration drives, and barring ex-felons from voting even after they have served their sentences.

Is Rick Perry Ready to Execute an Innocent Man? – the disturbing story of Larry Swearingen, another Texas death row inmate who is likely innocent of the murder for which he was convicted.

What the Left Doesn’t Understand About President Obama – a compelling explanation of how the purist left’s belief that President Obama has not been rhetorically aggressive enough ignores that such rhetorical aggressiveness would limit the ability of the Obama Administration to advance progressive policies and outcomes.

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