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Obama Smog Decision Will Leave In Place ‘Legally Indefensible’ Environmental Standard

President Obama pulled the plug Friday on a long-delayed environmental regulation that would have further limited industrial smog emissions, leaving in place an ozone standard that EPA administrator Lisa Jackson recently described as “legally indefensible.” The development most likely means smog standards in many states will remain lower than they would have been if President George W. Bush’s lax policy had been fully pursued.

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Columnist: Registering Poor To Vote ‘Like Handing Out Burglary Tools To Criminals’

Conservative columnist Matthew Vadum is just going to come right out and say it: registering the poor to vote is un-American and “like handing out burglary tools to criminals.”

“It is profoundly antisocial and un-American to empower the nonproductive segments of the population to destroy the country — which is precisely why Barack Obama zealously supports registering welfare recipients to vote,” Vadum wrote.

GOP Rep. Declares War On Peace Corps, Demands End To Program In China

After a recent trip to China, Republican Rep. Mike Coffman (CO) came across what he saw as a shocking number of government-funded Americans wasting taxpayer money on a Chinese demographic already flush with funds. These Americans, Coffman said, are “symbolic of the arrogance and carelessness in how our tax dollars have been handled by Congress and the Obama administration.” These Americans, incidentally, are Peace Corps volunteers.

Aghast to find Peace Corps volunteers teaching English in Chinese universities, Coffman is now demanding that the government suspend the Peace Corps program in China as it is “an insult to every American taxpayer and to so many of our manufacturing workers who have lost their jobs to China.”

Government Sues Big Banks Over Risky Mortgage Securities

The government is attempting to recoup billions of dollars it says were lost because of bank misdeeds during the housing bubble.

Gaddafi’s army of mercenaries face backlash

Many black Africans have been arrested and accused of fighting for dictator, but claim they were press-ganged

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Satire: New Cheney Memoir Reveals He’s Going To Live Full, Satisfied Life Without Ever Feeling Remorse And There’s Nothing We Can Do About It

“Nothing we do will ever change the fact that this man sleeps very soundly at night and, in fact, looks back fondly upon a long, rewarding career. You almost have to admire that.” The book also reveals that none of the former vice president’s five heart attacks has caused him even the slightest amount of pain.

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