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Every so often I need a reminder that the human spirit is capable of great beauty. When I find that need, I often turn to music, and sometimes to the following two songs as sung by Bette Midler. Midler’s voice is beautiful and her expression of feeling is exquisite.

The Rose combines both the beauty of nature in this video, and the beauty of song. Initially it seems sad, but ends with such a note of hope. Indeed, I suspect that all unconsciously I chose my screen name in part because of the last stanza of this song:

Another song that often calls to me is also delivered by Midler. “From a Distance” (which I won’t include here but you can find easily enough) reminds me how very much those of us on this small planet are in it all together.

Music can often lift the human spirit to places it can get no other way. I hope The Rose lifts yours.


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