The Tea Party Express began a bus tour to complain about politicians going to cocktail parties instead of solving problems. The first stop? Napa Valley. (More)

Obviously there’s a huge difference between a wine tasting and a cocktail party. A wine tasting may or may not include cheese, while a cocktail party may or may not include hors d’oeuvres. And a cocktail party typically includes other drinks as well as wine. So those who see only absurd irony in busing Tea Party activists to Napa Valley to complain about political cocktail parties are clearly missing important nuances.

Those Tea Party folks aren’t there for the wine. They’re there to “reclaim America.” (Teaspeak for: Return to the Gilded Age when wealthy white men ran everything.) According to spokesman Levi Russell, the tour began in Napa Valley because that’s “in Nancy Pelosi’s shadow, to send the message that the Tea Party exists everywhere.” (Teaspeak for: We are the majority anywhere our busload of retirees parks.)

Okay, I can’t prove that most the Tea Party supporters on that bus are retirees. But the organizers brought out 77-year-old singer Pat Boone to boost the crowd. Women wore buttons proclaiming “I am Sarah Palin.” (Teaspeak for: I’m ignorant and I’m cashing in on it.) Others carried signs reading “I’ll keep my money, guns, and freedom, you keep the change.” (Teaspeak for: American workers should look under the sofa for coins to pay the bills.)

The tour ends on September 12 in Tampa, where Tea Party groups will sponsor a GOP presidential debate. According to Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer, “We want Washington to live within its means, just like we do.” (Teaspeak for: Government should be a corporate-sponsored tour, just like ours.)

It seems more Americans are learning Teaspeak. Last week’s AP-GfK poll shows Tea Party support at a new low, with 46% unfavorable including 32% “very unfavorable.” That compares to a “very favorable” rating of just 14%. Recent CNN-ORC and NYT-CBS polls show similar results.

The Tea Party bus driver may want to check those lug nuts.