The resident faculty left two fuzzy dice outside the mail room door this morning. The staff are sure it was a clue. (More)

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Thus we return to our resident faculty, and the two fuzzy dice they left outside the mail room as they made their way from the wine cellar library where they spend the weekend drinking thinking on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”) to the hot tub faculty lounge for their weekly game where the underwear goes flying planning conference. We did not think the resident faculty were suggesting we redecorate the BPI Campus Shuttle. The shuttle doesn’t even have a rear view mirror. Those fuzzy dice had to be a clue.

The obvious conclusion, offered by the Professor of Astrology Janitor, was that the resident faculty see our campus as a paradise. The rest of the staff disagreed, saying BPI is more like an oasis. The metaphorical battle continued for almost as long as the faculty senate normally need to debate a bathroom break. After several hours the staff agreed that a true paradise would have neither metaphorical battles nor a faculty senate that need several hours to debate a bathroom break.

We decided BPI is an oasis but not a paradise, leaving us back where we started: with two fuzzy dice as a clue and clueless as what that clue meant. We could almost hear the tearing sound in the metaphorical spacetime continuum.

Chef suggested the clue may be a geeky reference to the original Star Wars, as one scene showed the Millennium Falcon with a pair of fuzzy dice hanging in the cockpit. But we have observed no discontent over the weekly Bippiescopes, and nothing approaching the level of a war. The millennium is well underway, and while the South Blogistan campus hosts a multitude of red-tailed hawks, turkeys, vultures, egrets, herons, and sandhill cranes, no falcons have been seen. Professor Plum could never be mistaken for Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, or even Chewbacca – unless you really squint – and Ms. Scarlet hasn’t seen those brunette braid headphones in months. (At least the Squirrel can hide something.) Clearly, Star Wars was out.

The Squirrel suggested we roll the dice and hope that offered an answer. We did and, while Pootie the Precious chased the dice across the floor, Regis P. Fluffytail IV texted that he was on his way home as the summer break is almost over. That combination sparked an idea.

We’re still a little fuzzy, but we think the resident faculty intend to roll the dice and discuss random topics this week before the fall semester begins. Unless they show up with leis and umbrella drinks, in which case the Professor of Astrology Janitor was right all along….


Happy Monday!