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Tea Partier Tells Rep. Lujan, Life-Long American, To ‘Get Out Of Politics And Make Room For An American’

“The Tea Party continues to claim that racism, ethnocentrism, and xenophobia are not driving forces in its movement, but the actions of its members continue to belie those claims. Many of the movement’s causes have targeted Latinos — advocating for harsh immigration laws, referring to them as “anchor babies” and “welfare queens,” urging followers to attack Latinos, and fighting to rewrite the 14th amendment to remove its guarantee of birthright citizenship.

Tuesday in New Mexico, the strains of racism and ethnocentrism that exist in the Tea Party movement emerged again. As Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) prepared to tour a nonprofit organization in Farmington, he was met by a dozen Tea Party protesters, one of whom asserted that Lujan was not an American.”

As GOP Slashes Women’s Health Care, Study Finds Medicaid-Funded Program Saved Texas Over $20 Million

“In the latest state budget signed by Gov. Rick Perry (R), the Texas GOP gutted funding for women’s preventative health care, leaving up to 300,000 women without access to basic health services. Now a new report from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission shows just how self-defeating those drastic cuts were. The report says the Medicaid-funded Women’s Health Program saved the state at least $20 million a year and prevented over 6,700 unplanned pregnancies in 2009. Earlier this year Republicans rushed to defund Planned Parenthood and cut family planning services by a staggering $74 million in an attempt to reduce the number of abortions. Yet the Women’s Health Program does not provide abortions but does give low-income women access to breast cancer screenings and birth control. The new study confirms what experts have been saying — state-funded family planning services save taxpayers millions each year. The federal program reportedly saved $10 for every dollar spent.”

Police Block Entrance To Paul Ryan Office, Deny Constituents Access To Request A Meeting

“As ThinkProgress previously reported, a group of unemployed constituents staged a sit-in at Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) office in Kenosha, Wisconsin to protest him failing to hold any free town halls during the month. Now, a group of constituents went to the local office of Ryan’s to request a meeting with the congressman and were met by the police, who would not allow them inside the building. They took video of the incident. Watch it:”

New U.S. Deportation Policy Spares Some

“Immigrants and their lawyers are beginning to see the effects of the White House policy announced last week that downgrades some deportation cases.

The Department of Homeland Security says it hasn’t officially begun to prioritize all 300,000 cases before the nation’s immigration courts, but prosecutors are definitely employing newfound discretion.

Rubio’s Reagan Speech: Entitlements “Weakened” Us

“The GOP heartthrob delivered a much-anticipated speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday. The address was packed with the red meat Tea Party audiences crave, and at its heart was the reddest meat of all: a “things-ain’t-what-they-used-to-be” take-down of entitlement programs. “

Experts flown in to ‘hot cap’ rail car fire in California

“With the threat of a catastrophic explosion looming as a rail car fire raged into its second day Wednesday, Lincoln, California, officials embarked on a risky operation to divert propane from the flaming tanker into a dugout pond, where it could be safely burned off.”

Gaddafi nearly captured on Wednesday: report

(Reuters) – Libyan commandos fighting Muammar Gaddafi came close to capturing the toppled leader on Wednesday when they raided a private home in Tripoli where he appeared to have been hiding, Paris Match magazine said on Thursday.

Citing a source in a unit which it said was coordinating among intelligence services from Arab states and Libyan rebels, the French weekly said on its website that these services believed Gaddafi was still somewhere in the Libyan capital.”

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