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Businessman Behind Effort To Dismantle Health Care Hints At Campaign Against Federal Banking Regulation

“ThinkProgress previously reported on the network of front groups advancing the “Health Care Compact,” a massive deregulation idea to turn over federal money used for health reform, Medicare, Medicaid, and other health programs to state governments along with the power to use that money however they see fit, even if it has nothing to do with actual health care. The idea, hatched earlier this year by a political operative named Eric O’Keefe, is designed to dismantle major safety net programs and energize Tea Party activists into the 2012 elections.

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) recently signed a Health Care Compact bill into law. But just as the group begins to gain ground, Leo Linbeck III — the wealthy heir to the Linbeck construction fortune in Houston financing the Health Care Compact group — is signaling that organizers may look beyond health care soon. Linbeck, an active participant in public online forum on Pajamas Media called the Belmont Club, described his next steps in posting on July 18”

After Blasting U.S. Trials For Terror Suspects, Romney Now Wants One For The ‘Lockerbie Bomber’

“Speaking before a backdrop of luxurious yachts, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney called on the United States to apprehend the “Lockerbie Bomber” in Libya and bring him back to the United States for trial. Talking to Fox News host Neil Cavuto to explain his position, Romney said that the “United States would be my first choice” for the location of a trial for the bomber.”

Tribe OKs Same-Sex Marriage

“Same-sex marriage is now legal for a tiny sliver of Washington state. The seven-member Suquamish tribal council has voted unanimously to allow the unions. At least one of the partners needs to be an enrolled tribal member, but the couple will be eligible for all the tribe’s traditional marriage benefits. However, because of the Defense of Marriage Act, the unions are not recognized by the U.S. government.”

Oil companies see quick return to Libya, once peace restored

“WASHINGTON — With the regime of Moammar Gadhafi on the verge of collapse, international oil companies began preparing Monday for what they hope will be a quick return to production in Libya, a move that’s expected to reduce the global price of crude and help drive down U.S. gasoline prices.”

How Close Are We To Realizing King’s ‘Dream’?

“The opening of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C., comes at a time when it’s hard to tell just how close we are to King’s “dream.” To help us appraise that, Robert Siegel speaks with Julian Bond, a veteran civil rights activist and former chairman of the NAACP.”

NJ Legislator Resigns over Wife’s Race Rant

“Not long ago, freshman New Jersey lawmaker Pat Delaney (R) resigned from the state Assembly citing an undisclosed family problem. Today however, Burlington County GOP Chairman Bill Layton disclosed that Delaney had actually resigned over a racially charged email his wife Jennifer sent to state senate candidate and 9 time Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis. “

Eurozone industry shows signs of slowdown

“The eurozone economy slipped closer to stagnation this month as the region’s manufacturing sector contracted for the first time since September 2009.”

Study: Tea Party Members Cultural Dispositions ‘Authoritarianism, Fear Of Change, Libertarianism And Nativism’

“What are the four primary characteristics most associated with those Americans sympathetic to the Tea Party? “Authoritarianism, ontological insecurity (fear of change), libertarianism and nativism.” So says one of the many findings in a study presented to the American Sociological Association on Monday.”

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