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Anti-Government Protests Erupt In Tripoli As Rebels Enter Qaddafi Stronghold

“Celebrations greeted Libyan rebel forces that entered the capital Tripoli, the stronghold of Col. Muammar Qaddafi. Al Jazeera English reported that the rebel leadership of the Transitional National Council (TNC) confirmed that Qaddafi’s two sons were captured. Qaddafi himself, who is suspected to have left Tripoli, made three increasingly desperate audio addresses on Libyan state television in the last 24 hours. With the fall of Qaddafi’s 41 year rule — the Arab world’s longest — appearing imminent, cameras for Al Jazeera captured images of Libyans in Tripoli stomping on banners bearing Qaddafi’s face”

Huntsman Slams Perry On Global Warming And Secession, Suggests Perry Is ‘Unelectable’

“In an interview this morning with ABC News’ Jake Tapper, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman repeatedly ripped his fellow GOP presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry for Perry’s “extreme” views on global warming, monetary policy and secession “

A Ramadan Story Of Two Faiths Bound In Friendship

“It’s Ramadan, the month-long holiday when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk as a way to cleanse the soul and reflect on their relationship with God. The faithful usually flock to their local mosques for prayer during the holiday, but last year, the Muslims of Cordova, Tenn., just outside Memphis, didn’t have a place to go.

That’s when Pastor Steve Stone put an unusual sign outside his church.”

Thirty Years Later, Say Hello To “Operation Farewell

“Thirty years ago this summer, President Ronald Reagan was at an economic summit in Canada when his French counterpart, Francois Mitterand, pulled him aside to deliver startling news: the French had a mole, a high-level KGB colonel. Could the US make use of him?”

A defiant Assad says Syria is under control

“CAIRO — A relaxed, defiant Syrian President Bashar Assad on Sunday repeated promises of reforms and warned of “repercussions” should the West opt for military intervention in the uprising that’s threatened the survival of his family’s four-decade rule. “

Chinese paper’s executives punished for quoting historian’s opinion

“A further example of the Chinese authorities clamping down on press freedom… a magazine’s president has been demoted and its editor has been suspended.

Chen Zhong, president of the Guangzhou-based bi-weekly Nanfeng Chuang (Window on the South), was removed from his post, though not dismissed, and editor Zhao Lingmin was suspended.

They were punished for publishing an interview with a Taiwanese historian, Tang Chi-hua, that was critical of Sun Yat-sen, a revolutionary leader in the early 20th century.”

Pentagon Report Flags Latest in Long History of Flawed Body-Armor Testing

“The Army failed to properly test a critical component of body armor and can’t say for sure that 5 million pieces of the bullet-stopping equipment offer sufficient protection for troops. Those are the findings contained in a new report [PDF] by the Pentagon’s inspector general.”

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