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Obama Gets On Board For Jobs And Confidence

“On Monday, President Obama flies to Minnesota to begin a bus tour devoted to job creation, confidence restoration and to reviving his own image as a leader. Guest host John Ydstie talks to NPR White House Correspondent Ari Shapiro about the president’s itinerary and the motives behind the trip.”

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Oh, The Nerve: Betting On Fear In A Volatile Market

“The VIX was created in 1992 to measure market nervousness, and even trade on it.”

Calif. Redistricting Likely To Have National Impact

“The political landscape in California is on the verge of drastic change. On Monday, the state’s Citizens Redistricting Commission is expected to give final approval to a new map of congressional and legislative districts. Those newly drawn districts, combined with a new primary election system, are likely to shake up California’s political status quo for the first time in two decades. Guest host John Ydstie talks to Bruce Cain, director of the University of California Washington Center, about the national implications of redistricting in California.”

Courts locked in dispute over validity of Florida’s drug law

“On July 27, U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven ruled that Florida’s drug law was “draconian” because prosecutors do not have to prove that the accused actually knew they were carrying illegal drugs. State court judges have refused to abide by the ruling, however.”

GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates
Bachmann: I Don’t ‘Judge’ Gays, Everyone Has ‘Dignity’ And ‘Honor’
Pawlenty Drops Out Of Presidential Race
While Pushing Corporate Tax Cuts, Bachmann Rejects Extending Jobless Benefits: ‘We Don’t Have The Money’
Former Sen. Phil ‘Mental Recession’ Gramm Endorses His ‘Protege’ Rick Perry
Bachmann Refuses To Say What Spending She Would Cut If Her Plan To Not Raise The Debt Ceiling Were Followed
Rick Perry’s Vaccine Push Sparked Backlash From Left And Right Alike

Low Rates Alone Not Seen Reviving Housing Market

“The turmoil in the financial markets has been pushing mortgage rates lower. Thirty-year fixed-rate mortgages have now fallen to about 4.3 percent, which is very close to the lowest level on record.

But many Americans can’t qualify for those low rates, and analysts say these historic interest rates aren’t likely to do much to help the housing market.”

Venice divided over new bridge plans

“Conservationists fight plan to replace 78-year-old Ponte del Accademia bridge over Grand Canal “

U.N. pushes risky plan to resolve Afghan election impasse

“The U.N. is pressing Afghanistan’s electoral commission to overturn for alleged fraud the results of 17 of last year's 249 races for parliament's lower house. The number is far fewer than the 62 contests that President Hamid Karzai wanted reversed, but stops short of granting opposition lawmakers' calls for no changes at all.”

Good News: Naming A Company Right Can Spell Success

“One area in the U.S. economy that is booming, despite the sluggish recovery, is technology. Facebook and Groupon are expected to go public in the coming year, and tens of billions of dollars of venture capital continue to pour into the tech industry every year to support new companies.

But one of the first challenges new companies face is coming up with a name, which can be a difficult task.”

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