For this weekend’s reading list we have articles on the importance of voter enthusiasm to the 2012 elections, increasing awareness of just how radical the GOP’s fiscal policies are, how President Obama is walking the walk on promoting green energy technology, how government policies targeting the poor make people in poverty much more likely to be charged with a crime or go to prison, and a reminder of just how batty Michele Bachmann is.

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The Next Election: A Surprising Reality – a review of four books on electoral politics that argues that the key to the 2012 Presidential Election will be voter enthusiasm and turnout, rather than the amount of money candidates have to spend.

GOP On Defensive as Analysts Question Party’s Fiscal Policy – an overview of how even some conservative economists are objecting to the GOP’s dangerous fiscal policy that demands spending cuts now, no revenue increases, and no efforts to stimulate the economy.

Obama’s Green Tech Push: Actions Matter More Than Words – an argument that President Obama’s success in raising fuel economy standards and promote green industry development matters far more than supposed rhetorical shortcomings that some progressives complain about.

How America Turned Poverty Into a Crime – in the new afterward to her classic book Nickled and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich documents how numerous government policies make it much more likely for poor people to be imprisoned, especially if they are people of color.

Leap of Faith – a profile of GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann which shows just how insane the Republican party has become.