I just got this message from the baby on my Blewberry:

Got ms thx. Bz GOTVing 4 Tues. l8r.

Fortunately I can read teen-text. He got the macadamias I sent and thanks me. He’s busy calling Wisconsin Democrats to get out the vote for the last round of recalls on Tuesday. And he’ll send more later.

It was teen-text, but his message got through. As did the message sent by these progressive activists in Iowa:

How do I know it got through? Look at the response on Fox News….

Of course they only call it “guerilla-style campaigning” when progressive activists do it. When Fox News encouraged Tea Party activists to do the same thing in 2009, that was just making sure citizens have a voice.

I could rant about Mitt Romney saying we need to raise the retirement age rather than raise taxes, because “corporations are people, my friend” but apparently workers aren’t. But I don’t need to, because you’re smart enough to figure out that rant faster than you could read it. Or I could rant about Fox News complaining when progressive activists speak out in the same way Tea Party activists spoke out. But I won’t because, again, you’re probably already ahead of me.

Instead I’ll celebrate. And so should you. Instead of Fox News discussing Mitt Romney’s message, they were discussing the progressives’ message.

That was the point of Winning Progressive’s Morning Feature and the accompanying Furthermore! on Wednesday. Consider the Fox News critique:

These folks who were doing the confrontation, these protestors were from the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, which is described as a liberal think tank. They got there early. They positioned themselves in front of the crowd. They got a few questions into Romney. Do you think we’re going to be seeing more of that? You know, people who have a defined agenda from the average citizen showing up at these events.

These activists organized well. They also stayed on-message. Try though he might, Romney could not ignore them. He had to respond to their message, and his response – “corporations are people, my friend” – has already gone viral. You don’t need a media guru to write an ad about that quote. These activists forced even Fox News to respond, and Fox News’ response amplified their message.

Do I think we’re going to be seeing more of that? I hope so, but that’s up to you. Find out when your senators or representatives are holding town halls. Organize a group, prepare and rehearse your message, let the local media know you’ll be there, and get there early. Get your message out at the meeting, and repeat it to reporters after the town hall. Do it well, and you may find Fox News dismissing you … and amplifying your message.

By the way, I replied to the baby:

You’re welcome. Good job. Talk to you soon.

Because I can read teen-text, but I don’t write it.

Good day and good nuts.