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This week I attended my county Democratic Party meeting. The media narrative of a disaffected and discouraged Democratic Party has no basis in reality, at least not in our county. This was our largest meeting since early 2009, and everyone present was energized and motivated to work harder elect Democrats to stop the radical Republican dominance of our state and local government. As Campaign Committee chair, I spoke on what I learned at the Democracy for America Campaign Academy and our county plans and preparation for 2012. That will include precinct leader training, using tools and techniques developed at DFA, which pleased both long-time and new members. Many told me they wanted to do more but weren’t sure what to do or how to do it, and were thrilled to hear we’ll be teaching them how to focus their efforts more effectively.

I also made GOTV calls in Wisconsin for the state senate recall elections. Help Wisconsin Democrats flip the state senate and block Gov. Scott Walker’s radical agenda. Call voters in Wisconsin!