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Yesterday I decided to have a mostly off-line day on purpose. I am in the middle of a beautiful national forest and the weather finally cooperated making a day out of doors seem like the best way to spend my time.

I took a walk in the woods and picked a couple of cups of wild raspberries. They are almost out of season and since the blueberries kind of fizzled this year, I went in search of the raspberries. I also picked a bouquet of wild flowers which look quite festive in the mason jar/vase on my picnic table.

Then I took a nice long nap in my hammock. At this point I was pretty happy with how my day was unfolding. My plan to take a break from the news was restoring me.

Late afternoon I went fishing with my friend and his dog. I caught one walleye which was too small to keep. I am not a results oriented fisherwoman. I like the trying as much as the succeeding. I am good at catching the bottom as in snagging a rock. The reflection of the clouds on the rippling surface of the river was worth really staring at. The clouds almost looked like they were waving at us. As the sun began to set everything was infused with a warm pink glow. Being on the water is just plain good for my soul. At this point I was feeling most satisfied with my ‘escape.’

Then in the distance I heard a constant background noise. It really only became audible when the kids on the river bank were taken home by their grandfather. Their giggles and the competitive throwing of rocks were actually pretty noisy, but not noisy enough to disturb my sense of being at peace with the world.

I asked my friend, “What the heck is that noise?”

“Oh,” he said, “that’s the mining companies drilling. During the day time you can barely hear it but at night it is very noticeable.”

“Do they drill 24/7?” I asked.

“Pretty much” was his answer.

I realized last night that any ‘escape’ is only temporary. It is at best an illusion. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is one of the largest protected wild areas on the planet. The mining companies are drilling for nickel at the edges of it. Drinking water and wild life habitats are at risk. Human beings are raping and pillaging the planet. Trying to escape only served to remind me that there are battles to fight and minds to change. Still, I needed this day.

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