For this weekend’s reading list, we have an article about the link between the decline of labor unions and increase in economic inequality, discussions about how progressives need to be more effective in recognizing who their political friends and enemies are even when their friends have to make compromises, and a status report on the Supreme Court over the next couple of years.

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Labor’s Decline and Wage Inequality – an article about a new study documenting the connection between the decline of private sector labor unions and the increase in economic inequality in America

On Peter Daou’s Analysis – a blog post from Booman Tribune about how we progressive activists need to be more effective in advocating our positions even while understanding the political limits faced by President Obama and Democrats in Congress. In a similar vein, we’d also recommend Booman’s post Know Your Enemies.

Getting Tough is Harder Than It Looks – a blog post from Kevin Drum about how President Obama’s compromising approach, while frustrating for we progressives, has gotten far more achieved than a more aggressively partisan approach would have.

The Supreme Court’s Painful Season – an overview of the series of high profile issues that the Supreme Court will hear over the next couple of years, and a description of how Justices Sotomayor and Kagan are becoming an effective progressive duo on the Court.