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CBS/NYT Poll: Congressional Disapproval At An All-Time High

“Well, Congress has done it. It’s hit its highest disapproval ratings since the New York Times/CBS News poll was created in 1977. In the wake of the debt debate, a full 82% of Americans are displeased with the legislative branch, with only 14% approval.”

The Tea Party Won…Then They Lost

“On Tuesday TPM reported on a new Pew study that said the Tea Party and conservative Americans had essentially outworked their liberal counterparts on the debt ceiling debate: Tea Partiers had paid more attention and were more likely to have taken action to influence the outcome of the debt battle.[…]

[A]ccording to a new USA Today/Gallup poll conducted directly after the debt ceiling compromise was signed, the Tea Party doesn’t think it was much of a victory at all. In fact, only 22% of Tea Party supporters even approved of the final agreement. The only general majority that actually did? 58% of Democrats, and 51% of liberals.”

Liberal Groups’ Wisconsin Ad: ‘I’ve Voted Republican In The Past’ But Not Now (VIDEO)

“The liberal groups Progressive Change Campaign Committee, the Wisconsin division of Democracy For America, and MoveOn have a new ad up in the state Senate recalls, going after one of the higher-value targets, state Joint Finance Committee co-chair Alberta Darling.”

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Ohio Puts Repeal Of Kasich’s Anti-Union Senate Bill 5 On The November Ballot

“The five-member Ohio Ballot Board voted unanimously to present voters with a clear “yes” or “no” choice on Gov. John Kasich’s (R) wildly unpopular anti-union bill he signed into law in March. Supporters of the law tried to “turn the voter referendum on its head” by submitting ballot language in which a “yes” vote would actually register rejection of the law — a move that would be “unprecedented” in Ohio’s history. “

Pelosi: No Lines In The Sand On Super Committee Deficit Cuts

“”I’m not drawing any lines in the sand because I think it plays into their hand,” Pelosi told a small group of reporters invited to her office on Thursday morning. “When 12 clowns are in a ring and a sane person jumps into the ring he looks like the 13th clown…. It is part of their plan to keep the attention on this, and the debt and the who and the rest and I’m simply not going to do it.””

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S&P 500 sees worst day since early 2009

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Investors fled Wall Street in the worst stock-market selloff since the depths of the Great Recession in early 2009 in what has turned into a full-fledged correction.”

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Senate leaders reach deal to end FAA stalemate

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday that leaders in Congress had worked out a deal to end a two-week-old partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration that threatened to become the capital’s next partisan stalemate.”

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GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates
Quinnipiac Poll: Romney Edging Up, Bachmann Being Displaced By Perry In Florida
Watchdogs Demand Investigation Into ‘Brazen’ $1 Million Pro-Romney Donation
Gingrich Says ‘Our Very Survival As A Country’ Depends On U.S. Manufacturing, Buys Campaign T-Shirts In El Salvador
Video: Fox News Anchors Admit Going Easy On Sarah Palin
Perry’s Legislative Agenda Bears Strong Resemblance To ALEC’s Corporate-Backed Model Bills
Romney Signs Anti-Gay Group’s Campaign Pledge
Gov. Christie ‘Disgusted’ By Criticism Of Muslim Judge: ‘This Sharia Law Business Is Crap’
How Bush Killed Bin Laden: What’s Really In Huckabee’s 9/11 Cartoon

MSNBC Contributor Pat Buchanan’s New Book Includes Chapter Entitled ‘The End of White America’

“MSNBC contributor and long-standing bigot Pat Buchanan has a new book coming out called: Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? This upbeat future “best-seller” will hit the shelves in October, but this morning, Politico Playbook provided those waiting with race-baited breath a preview of the wisdom within. Chapter 4, entitled “The End of White America,” lauds ““[The] radicalization of the working and middle class, such as occurred in the Truman-McCarthy era, during the George Wallace campaigns, and in the anti-amnesty firestorm that killed the Bush-Kennedy-McCain push for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.””

India hit by nationwide bank strike against reforms

“NEW DELHI/MUMBAI (Reuters) – A nationwide bank strike hit India Friday as unions rebelled against proposals to allow more private ownership of state banking behemoths that could threaten jobs and benefits.”

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2,000 killed in Syria protests – Clinton

“US secretary of state condemns Syria as she tells press conference Washington is extending sanctions”

Chilean miners struggling with financial and psychological problems

“They were showered with gifts and money, but a year after the collapse, many of ‘Los 33’ are facing poverty “

Satire: Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition

“WASHINGTON—After months of heated negotiations and failed attempts to achieve any kind of consensus, President Obama turned 50 years old Thursday, drawing strong criticism from Republicans in Congress. “With the host of problems this country is currently facing, the fact that our president is devoting time to the human process of aging is an affront to Americans everywhere,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.[…]

According to White House officials, Obama attempted to work with Republicans right up until the Aug. 4 deadline, but was ultimately left with no choice except to turn a year older.”

Good News: USDA’s Advice For Eating Right Is Hard On The Wallet

“There are myriad reasons why it’s tough to follow a healthy diet in this day and age, and the formidable obesity epidemic in this country is a testament to the fact that too many of us simply can’t do it.

The government, in theory, wants to lead us down a healthier path, with tactics like the Dietary Guidelines, updated every five years with the latest nutritional science and suggestions for how to balance meals.

But fruits and veggies can be pricey relative to sugary, fatty foods, and the guidelines don’t really help consumers on a tight budget figure out how to boost their intake of these healthy foods, public health experts say.”

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