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Obama, Congressional Leaders Announce Deal To Avoid Default

“President Obama and Congressional leaders announced Sunday evening they’ve agreed to a major, and controversial deal to raise the national debt limit and advance major cuts to government services.”

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Michigan AG Appeals ‘Nutty’ Ruling Against State’s Affirmative Action Ban

“Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette appealed a federal court’s decision to overturn the state’s 2006 ballot initiative that banned affirmative action.

Schuette requested Friday that the full 6th Circuit panel rehear the case, after an Appellate panel ruled 2-1 earlier this month that Proposal 2 violated the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment. “The majority may not manipulate the channels of change in a manner that places unique burdens on issues of importance to racial minorities,” Judges R. Guy Cole and Martha Craig Daughtrey wrote in the majority opinion.

On Thursday, Schuette called the court’s decision “nutty” and said it “simply defies common sense and turns the 14th Amendment on its head, upside down, and inside out.””

Former Obama Adviser Brews A Different Tea Party

“Van Jones left his post as “green jobs czar” in 2009 amid a firestorm of criticism. Now he’s back with the “American Dream Movement,” a grass-roots organization looking to mobilize what Jones considers the silent anti-Tea Party majority.”

GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates
Editor’s Note: There were no Republican candidates in the news. Two possibilities: 1) the debt ceiling is the only news; 2) they are all hiding so that no one asks their opinion on the debt ceiling. I vote for #2: being on the wrong side of this debate may be the kiss of death.

Math Can Predict Insurgent Attacks, Physicist Says

“Attacks by insurgents in Afghanistan for Iraq might seem to come at random intervals. But an American physicist says he’s come up with a mathematical equation that might help war planners anticipate them.”

Syria: 100 die in crackdown as Assad sends in his tanks

“Activists describe massacre in central city of Hama after armoured units break through barricades to crush protests”

German security official warns of Breivik copycats

“BERLIN (Reuters) – The recent mass killing in Norway could easily serve as a blueprint for other anti-Muslim militants, one of Germany’s top security officials warned in a magazine interview Sunday.”

Good News: Blind Teens Tap Into Senses At Chemistry Camp

“For some kids, summer camp season means crafts, campfires and sunshine. For teenagers at one Northern California camp, the focus is chemistry.

At Camp Enchanted Hills, about 40 miles north of Napa, the students have something else in common beyond an interest in science: They’re all blind or visually impaired. The camp is a rare chance for the kids to compare notes on what it’s like to be blind in a sighted world.”

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