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If last week felt like being on a roller coaster, this week felt like we were counting the lips of the fire ants swarming all over us for 7 straight days. You did not want to leave for fear of losing count (1,359,602 … 1,359,603 …) because it seemed important but it sure stung a lot to wait it out.

And it was definitely hot out there. But nothing like the heat that Speaker John Boehner is getting because of his mad allegiance to the tea party freshmen. When that disconnect from reality is recognized by a veteran GOP house member like Tom Cole (R-OK) (“some of the members who haven’t been here don’t appreciate how much John Boehner has gotten for them”) and former Rep. Vin Weber (R-MN) (“if it’s an all-or-nothing strategy, you’re likely to end up with nothing. The notion of just standing firm for your principle at the expense of achieving your goal is just wrong.”), you know that the shark has jumped, doubled back and bit you in the rear.

To the tea party: it is too late. The die has been cast, the chickens have come home to roost and regardless of how the final debt ceiling issue is resolved, the tea party has already lost the battle. The American people despise you, tea partiers.

And the 2.5 seconds allotted to caring a whit about what happens to News Corp expired earlier this week and the only thing you need to know is that hacking also loosens up hairballs.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau held hostage

President Barack Obama made his much anticipated appointment to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray was named to be the first director of the bureau which opened for business on Thursday.

Professor Elizabeth Warren who served as a special adviser to President Obama promised to help the new director get confirmed (and hinted at a Senate run in Massachusetts). Republicans in the Senate have vowed to filibuster the nomination until President Obama gives up and kills the CFPB. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seems likely to vow to “keep his powder dry” for something vitally important which makes one think that his Important-O-Meter is not working well.

BREAKING: Obama Caves – agrees to “defund Motherhood, Apple Pies, and Chevrolet”
BREAKING: Defunding iconic “Real America” is just a rumor

Final touchdown

The space shuttle Atlantis touched down Thursday morning, officially ending three decades of the shuttle program and manned space exploration for the foreseeable future.

The shuttle program was not just a symbol of American ingenuity but was a source of education and research.

The shutdown will be painful, especially to communities in Florida and Texas, as the program employed 4,000 people who will now be out of work. And it will be sad for those who viewed the stars from their back yards and dreamed of flying there.

BREAKING: Obama Caves – Grover Norquist to be named to the Supreme Court
BREAKING: No truth to Norquist SCOTUS rumor

Need … Good …. News …. PLEASE

Wisconsin State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) won his recall election in a 69% to 31% landslide over Republican David VanderLeest. At the same time, the most right-wing of the Republicans running in the primary for the opportunity to unseat the remaining two Democratic state senators were chosen. One writes tea party books for children and the other is an Illinois attorney who lives across the border in Wisconsin and who may be a secret Bears fan (very serious stuff in Wisconsin).

Current polling shows that 4 of the 6 Democrats running on August 9th to unseat Republican state senators are ahead. The other two races have not been polled.

Also, from Wisconsin, it turns out that choking amongst Supreme Court justices is not appreciated by Wisconsin voters, with only “33% of Wisconsin voters approv[ing] of the job the state Supreme Court is doing, down 19 points from three years ago”.

BREAKING: Obama Caves – Agrees to cancel his birthday party.
BREAKING: No truth to the rumor of “canceling birthday party”.


According to former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) people will just have to “miss a couple of Social Security checks” before the House of Representatives understands the implications.

Excellent idea! And let’s drop a thermonuclear bomb on one of our major cities in order to completely understand what nuclear war would be like. We can call the tea party Republicans the Show Me Republicans. I hope we can Show Them the door before they do too much more damage to our nation.

BREAKING: My hold on sanity.
BREAKING: Sorry. That one is not just a rumor.


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