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This week you would have needed a roller coaster to properly navigate the news terrain. President Obama bashes Democrats, President Obama bashes Republicans. Rep. Eric Cantor is smart, Rep. Eric Cantor is clueless, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says the Federal Reserve will step in to stabilize the economy, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says there is nothing more that can be done to help (as you can imagine, that caused quite a roller coaster).

And you can expect more of the same as House Speaker John Boehner has told President Obama that he will not eat his peas and nothing will be done on the debt ceiling until all the show votes are taken next week.

An oasis of sane in a sea of crazy

One thing did not change: Minnesota still has good government. After travelling the state to take his case to the people, Gov. Mark Dayton (D) has worked out a compromise with the GOP legislature to reopen state government.

Once the actual votes are taken (and the posturing and photo ops for the next election cycle are done) we hope that the final agreement by the politicians in Minnesota is worthy of the people of Minnesota.

Young Guns and bullet heads

President House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is one of the so-called Young Guns of the Republican party. This week he shot off his mouth or shot himself in the foot or took aim at our country’s hopes for a better future. You choose.

All I know for sure is that the beltway obsession with “charm” that gave us the “charming” George W. Bush is now slobbering all over Eric Cantor:

Unlike previous House GOP leaders such as Rep. Tom “The Hammer” DeLay (R-TX), Cantor is a harder to demonize. He’s relatively young, press-friendly and articulate.

Give me a Tom DeLay any day: at least you knew where he was coming from. Or better yet, give me a press corps which reports on the news and not the personalities.

Finding fault and placing blame

Thankfully the Republicans in Congress took time out to find the cause of slugish job growth: Elizabeth Warren. Nothing at all to do with the House failing to put forward a single jobs bill.

And President Obama should not scare seniors with the truth about the default because the Magic Unicorn will show up and poop dollar bills (or maybe gold!). No, don’t worry people’s pretty little heads about the perils of default, just find some fig leafs for Republican default deniers.

Maybe showing photos of fictional TV character Murphy Brown Thurston Howell III to deflect criticism of clearly misunderstood comments like “The top 50 percent pay somewhere near 98 percent of all income taxes. 51 percent don’t pay anything. “And they also need to share some of the responsibility.” will help.

And clearly misunderstood Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) should not be blamed for sharing two $350 bottles of bottle wine with a guy who stands to gain billions from GOP tax policies. Because he “didn’t know” the wine was so expensive. There, fixed.

Wow. I hope my cynicism does not leap the space-time continuum and jump into Non-Cynical Saturday. That was a double dose tonight, wasn’t it? The good news from this Week in Review is that it cannot possibly be worst next week.

Right? RIGHT?? RIGHT??? 😯


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