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Obama To GOP: Is Game Of ‘Kick The Can’ On The Deficit Over Yet?

“President Barack Obama is refusing to accept a piecemeal approach to raising the nation’s borrowing limit while kicking the can down the road on reducing the spiraling deficit.

“I’ve heard reports that maybe some in Congress want to do just enough to make sure America doesn’t default in the short term,” he said, rejecting the proposition.

“I believe that right now we have a unique opportunity to do something great,” he said.”

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Report: Study Linking Cell Phone Use And Cancer Flawed

“Just a couple of months after the World Health Organization caused a firestorm of controversy by re-categorizing cell phones as a possible cancer risk, a new paper by a team of international researchers says that a major study on the subject matter is flawed.”

Tammy Baldwin: ‘I Think I Am Likely’ To Run For Wisconsin Senate Seat

“Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) is getting closer to a run for Senate in the very polarized swing state of Wisconsin, where four-term Dem Sen. Herb Kohl is retiring in 2012.

“I think I am likely to run,” Baldwin told the Capital Times, in a profile piece. She later added: “It is a major decision, and I have to make it carefully, but I am likely to do it.””

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Illinois, Catholic Agencies At Odds Over Gay Adoptions

“As the civil union law went into effect, Catholic Charities in Rockford, Ill., ended its adoption service over concerns that it would have to place children with same-sex couples or face discrimination lawsuits. Catholic Charities in three other Illinois dioceses put licensing any new prospective parents on hold and sued the state.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter: Ronald Reagan ‘Would Never Be Elected Today’ Because He’s A ‘Moderate/Former Liberal’

“Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr. (R-CA) spoke recently to the Eagle Forum of San Diego, a right-wing group tied to Phyllis Schlafly’s anti-feminist organization. Hunter — who has previously touted his nationalistic bonafides with talk about how bike paths are unconstitutional — focused his remarks on the 2012 presidential election. Hunter said that conservatives should line up behind any electable Republican candidate because policy would still be driven by Congress, which he assumed would stay in the hands of the right.

Notably, Hunter said Ronald Reagan was too moderate and could “never be elected today.””

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Looking At The ‘Bamboo Ceiling’

“Michele Norris talks with writer Wesley Yang and business adviser Jane Hyun about the challenges of Asian assimilation — and the challenges of busting stereotypes and the “Bamboo Ceiling.””

GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates
Pawlenty Recruits Mike Huckabee’s Daughter For Iowa Campaign
Expect More Bad News For Newt Gingrich In Fundraising Numbers
Mitt Romney Back To Claiming Obama Made Recession ‘Worse’
Romney Confused On Libya, Claims Congress ‘Assented’ To No Fly Zone
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A Candidate’s Eye View Of Presidential Primary States

States Run Amok
Texas To Begin School Year Without New Textbooks
Kansas To Pursue Strict Abortion Licensing Regulations Despite Court Injunction
Ohio GOP Weakens Election Law By Allowing Poll Workers To Refuse To Inform Voters Where They Can Vote
Kasich’s ‘New Way’ Tramples Over Ohioans To Cut Funds For Kids, Drill In Parks, Allow Guns In Bars
Minnesota Budget Talks Stall Again

U.S. has backup plan if Pakistan shuts drone base

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States plans to keep using an airstrip inside Pakistan for non-lethal drone flights against militants near the Afghanistan border despite demands from some Pakistani officials that Washington vacate the base, three U.S. officials said.”

Greek bailout challenged in Germany’s constitutional court

“Eurosceptics argue bailouts are contrary to German constitution’s protection of property “

Good News: Geocaching: 21st-Century Treasure Hunting

“There are more than 5 million geocachers worldwide, stalking more than a million hidden caches. The sport draws in people of all ages: from older retirees geocaching their way across the country in RVs, to fitness fanatics who hike, kayak and climb mountains in search of caches.

Geocaching took off in the spring of 2000, shortly after the government officially lifted the restrictions on civilian access to the same highly accurate satellite signals being used by the U.S. military.”

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