Please share your stories of offline political activism here.

This week I attended the national NOW conference in Tampa. As reported in Saturday’s Morning Feature, that included a rally outside the office of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to protest the House Republican budget and GOP attacks on labor and reproductive rights. News crews from all three local networks covered the rally, and by a fluke of fate I was on TV. The fluke happened before the rally, as the NOW national officers stretched out their banner and realized it was too long for the officers alone to hold. I was standing nearby, and one of the officers asked if I would mind holding the banner. Assuming she meant until they had it fully stretched out, I agreed. But then they said “Okay, let’s move outside,” and I realized I was on the banner for the duration. The TV crews got sweeping shots of the banner … so there I was.

What did you do this week?