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Wis. Justice Prosser: No Comment On Report That I Grabbed Female Justice By The Neck

“Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, a member of the court’s 4-3 conservative majority who was just re-elected to a ten-year term in a heated race that involved a recount and vote-tabulating controversies, is now reportedly being accused of physically assaulting liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in an argument over the court’s recent decision regarding the upholding of Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-public employee union legislation. “

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N.Y. Gay Marriage Vote May Have National Impact

“Activists hope the New York vote will help convince judges and politicians across the country that support of same-sex marriage is now a mainstream viewpoint and a winning political stance. But many challenges remain, and opponents say they have had more success when voters get to cast ballots.”

Exclusive: Oil Industry Forms New Astroturf Group To Manipulate 2012 Republican Primary In Iowa

“As the Republican presidential candidates tour Iowa hoping to lock up the 2012 nomination, they will hear an assortment of questions on energy policy. Some of them, ThinkProgress has learned, will be planted by the oil and natural gas lobby to steer the candidates toward pro-Big Oil policies.”

Arpaio Orders Deputies To Start Asking Undocumented Immigrants About Wildfires

“The fallout from Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) patently false statement that undocumented immigrants were responsible for the destructive wildfires in Arizona continued this week, as his fellow Arizona senator Jon Kyl (R) and Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio entered the fray. “Sheriff Joe,” as he’s called, may be the most notoriously ruthless law enforcement official in the country. He’s known for cramming detained immigrants into inhumane outdoor “tent cities” he proudly likens to concentration camps, and for parading prisoners around in pink underwear, in addition to his numerous legal violations.

Arpaio, who never misses an opportunity to scapegoat or harass immigrants, eagerly released a statement this week in response to McCain’s baseless charge. Arpaio announced he had instructed his deputies to question all detained undocumented immigrants about their connection to the wildfires, even though he admitted it’s “a long shot” that these interrogations will yield any information.”

Judge Halts Ind. Cuts To Planned Parenthood

“Planned Parenthood of Indiana expects to start offering services to Medicaid patients again Saturday after a federal judge ruled the state is not allowed to cut off the organization’s public funding for general health services solely because it also provides abortions.”

River’s Rise Slows Near Flood-Struck N.D. City

“The Souris River neared its crest Saturday in Minot, where city officials hoped to ride out the high water without losing more than the thousands of homes already damaged by flooding.”

Other disasters: North Carolina governor declares emergency in fire areas

GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates: Palin movie to debut in key presidential caucus state

“In a move certain to feed speculation about her political plans, Sarah Palin will visit Iowa Tuesday to attend the premiere of a movie about her career.”

As Chavez lies ill, who’s Venezuela’s next in line?

“The mystery illness afflicting President Hugo Chávez has brought into sharp focus the absence of any credible replacement. Despite assurances by government leaders and the president’s family that he is on the mend and will be home “in 10-12 days,” the lack of detailed information about Chávez’s condition has brought inevitable speculation that it could be life-threatening.”

Afghan Members of Parliament hit back on court ruling, crisis deepens

“KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s political crisis worsened Saturday with lawmakers voting to sack the five most senior judicial officials and international consternation growing after a presidential tribunal threw out a quarter of parliament.”

Syria reinforces northern border as Turkey loses patience with Assad

“Advance on Khirbet al-Jouz seen as a warning after Ankara seeks reforms and end to crackdown on Syrian protesters “

U.S. fares poorly in first modern polling of Egyptian views

“Egyptians largely reject U.S. involvement in Egypt and appear split on whether to extend the longstanding peace treaty with neighboring Israel. They overwhelmingly support the revolution and are eager to vote without delay, but haven't yet identified a trusted party or politician to steer the nation toward their vision of an Islam-compatible democracy.”

Good News: ‘People Of The Clouds’: A Story Of Ghost Towns And Great Migrations

“Named the “Place of the Cloud People” by the Aztecs and home to one of the oldest pre-Columbian cultures in the Americas, the Mixteca have lost over a quarter-million people to migration, leaving scores of villages little more than ghost towns.”

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