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Monday night as the sun was setting (8:45 pm) I started my 110-mile drive from Duluth back up to the North Woods.  The first 60 miles are divided four-lane highway. The rest of the drive is winding, hilly two lane blacktop.  Tall pine forests line the sides of the road. I’ve driven this so much that I need to remind myself to pay attention.

On the last leg there was a surprising amount of traffic and I was constantly adjusting my high beams off and on so I didn’t blind on coming cars.  Most of this road is marked with double yellow lines for no passing.  It is rare for a driver to ignore the “no passing” signs and fly by. Most folks just get in line and drive the speed limit of 55 mph.

Two cars and a big dump truck were the on-coming traffic on one curve. The dump truck started flashing his brights on and off very rapidly. I checked and my brights were off but I slowed down wondering what he was doing. As I came around the curve, there was a deer standing in my lane.  If I had been going 55 I would have hit him and been calling the tow truck.  Whew! A big rush of adrenaline and a few deep breaths later I was thanking that truck driver for his road manners.

Up here they say, “If you hit a deer, worry about your car. If you hit a moose, worry about your life.”  Sunrise and sunset are when the animals are most likely to be moving about.  A moose through the windshield is deadly. A deer can cause a lot of damage to a car and mine is a lightweight Saturn.

I am so happy that I was able to avoid hitting that deer. With road rage and people offering one finger salutes getting so much attention, I thought that one small story of road manners that were helpful was worth sharing.  My sincere thanks to that driver whoever he is!

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