Ahh, Summer. Children playing. Golfers cursing. Thunder booming. Mosquitoes biting. Barbs queuing. Democrats grumbling…. (More)

With no guest today, Morning Feature considers the summer doldrums. As a child, I loved summer. As a parent of school-age children, I learned to keep the first-aid kit stocked. As a progressive Democratic activist, I need to stock up on memo pads. And mojo.

Let’s start with the non-story that won’t go away. So far there’s no evidence that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) broke any laws. Yes, he flirted online and sent salacious photos, for which Mrs. Weiner might justifiably be upset. So as TPM‘s Josh Marshall notes, the best way to make this non-story go away is for a “new prominent Democrat to tell him to resign each day. Ideally early in each news cycle.”

Memo to Democratic leaders – Ignore the non-story and talk about real issues.

Take unemployment, for example. Yesterday Doug Elmendorf, chief of the Congressional Budget Office, briefed reporters on the CBO’s latest economic forecast. That forecast hasn’t changed since January: they still estimate it will take five years to recover all the jobs lost in the Great Recession. But he said it again, so it’s news. Of course, President Obama could fix that if he’d just step up to the bully pulpit.

Memo to Frustrati – Learn to count Senate votes.

President Obama isn’t entirely blameless. His ill-considered “bumps on the road” and “one term is enough” comments were chum in the water.

Memo to President Obama – Write your campaign slogans, not theirs.

Not that it’s easy to push a progressive narrative. Media ‘fact-checkers’ still defend the House Republican plan to dismantle Medicare, arguing there would still be a program called “Medicare.” Yes, it would be private insurance, with subsidies keyed to the overall inflation rate rather than the health care inflation rate, forcing seniors to spend twice as much, once the program takes effect. But it would still be called “Medicare.” So “Republicans want to destroy Medicare” is a lie. Really.

Memo to ‘fact-checkers’ – You’re supposed to expose Doublespeak, not endorse it.

There is some good news. In July 2008, the Los Angeles Times asked “Where Did Barack Obama’s Mojo Go?” In July 2009, the Los Angeles Times asked “Has Obama Lost His Mojo?” Maybe the L.A. Times sold the Where’s Mojo franchise, because in September 2010 CNN asked “How Did Obama Lose His Mojo?” But then last December Fox News announced “Obama’s Mojo Returns.”

Maybe the First Dog hid it under the couch. Or maybe that mojo isn’t just President Obama’s. Maybe it belongs to the entire Democratic Party, and we lose it every summer. Democrats are younger than Republicans, so more of us get busy with kids and summer activities. It’s hard to think about politics when you’re looking for the first aid kit.

Memo to Democratic voters – The first aid kit is behind that box of mojo.


Happy Wednesday!