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Josh Marshall on Memorial Day

“Though there are many customary ways to observe Memorial Day, I’ve often struggled to figure out a way to do justice to the holiday. But this weekend I had an experience that gave me some guidance. I went to my 20th college reunion. And as I guess is often the case the celebrants of the 25th reunion were given pride of place in the alumni parade. They processed with all the mix of hijinks, nostalgia and loud university memorabilia you’d imagine. But what fixed my attention were the placards with the faces of their classmates who died before reaching their 25th — university face book photos, black and white and grainy, frozen in time late in their teenage years. Dead but remembered.”

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Rolling Stone: Roger Ailes’ Bomb Proof Office Protects Him From ‘Those Gays’

“Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes is big on security. And as he sees it, according a report in Rolling Stone, the two biggest threats to his personal well-being are al-Qaeda terrorists and “those gays.””

Obama to name Dempsey to top military post

“US President Barack Obama planned Monday to promote US Army General Martin Dempsey, who commanded an armored division in key battles in Iraq, to the top uniformed military position in the country, a US source said.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Dempsey was expected to be named new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, replacing Admiral Mike Mullen at the end of his tenure.”

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Gates: Defense Cuts Will Shrink U.S. Role Worldwide

“Defense secretary Robert Gates is expected to step down next month. In what may have been his final policy speech last week, he leveled a warning to Congress and the White House — deep cuts in the Pentagon’s budget will mean both a smaller military, and a diminished U.S. role around the world. In a column at, Stephen Walt argued, that’s not necessarily a bad thing: “We should be focusing a lot more attention on long-term capacity building than fighting costly wars in places that don’t matter very much (like Afghanistan).””

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Joplin Victims Offered Existing Homes

“Some of the people left homeless by the Joplin tornado could be placed in rental homes nearly an hour’s drive away, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Monday it will consider bringing in trailers, as it did for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, if enough homes are not available.”

Finding New Uses For Troubled Golf Courses

“Dozens of golf courses have closed in Florida in recent years, leaving communities with a dilemma: what to do with the vacant land? Some have been turned into parks, some have been developed and some towns have begun operating the courses themselves.”

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Study: Revamp Workday To Combat Obesity Problem

“A new study suggests that efforts to address the obesity epidemic should include dramatically changing the workday. Some are already dong so, using treadmill desks at work to burn calories. And in Portland, Ore., city officials are trying to get desk-bound workers up and about.”

Berlusconi suffers heavy local poll defeats

“(Reuters) – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi suffered a shattering loss in his northern stronghold of Milan on Monday in local elections that threaten to unbalance his fractious center-right coalition government.

Already enmeshed in three corruption trials and a scandal over underage prostitution, the 74 year-old premier lost control of Italy’s financial capital, the base of his vast business and media empire, as well as a string of other towns and cities.”

Goodluck Jonathan sworn in as Nigerian president

“Winning Christian candidate begins four-year term by promising to unite the African country and improve living standards”

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Good News: Arts-Funding Site Gets ‘Kickstart’ From Business Bids

“The website Kickstarter has been around for two years now, helping artists, musicians and filmmakers fund their projects by getting lots of people to make small donations. Projecta that in the past had little hope of getting funding, suddenly have the cash they need. Recently, entrepreneurs have started using the site to launch new products, something the company’s founders never imagined.”

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