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DOJ Access To Ensign Emails Could Determine His Legal Fate

“Former Sen. John Ensign’s (R-NV) legal fate may hinge on a gray area of the law governing the separation-of-powers between the legislative and judicial branches of government.”

Why Democrats Are Losing The Messaging War On Federal Contractor Disclosure

“Campaign finance reformer advocates aren’t only facing setbacks in federal courtrooms — they’re also getting beat on the messaging war with Republicans over a proposal to make federal contractors disclose their donations to third-party groups.

Somewhere along the way, an Obama proposal which would increase transparency in the federal contracting process by requiring companies bidding on contracts to disclose their political donations to third party groups became a sneaky plot by the Obama administration to silence political opponents.”

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Walker: Anti-Union Bill To Go Through ‘One Way Or The Other’ (VIDEO)

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) appeared Friday on Fox News, and explained to Neil Cavuto that a judge’s ruling Thursday that struck down his controversial anti-public employee union law, based on a procedure involved in passing it, would not be a major issue — that the state is appealing the decision, and in any case they could simply re-pass the same law without the procedural defect.”

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Spring Disasters Bring Out FEMA’s Best Response

“The datelines from weather disasters so far this year stretch across the Midwest and South. This week, there was the devastation of Joplin, Mo., where President Obama is expected to visit Sunday. Host Scott Simon speaks with Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, about the agency’s response to the devastating floods, fires and tornados that have wracked the nation this spring.”

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Obama Visit Underscores America’s European Ties

“President Obama meets with Poland’s prime minister and other Eastern European leaders on Saturday before closing his weeklong trip to Europe with a press conference in Warsaw. NPR’s Scott Horsley looks back at the president’s trip.”

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Buzz Kill: Federal Warnings Hit Medical Pot Boom

“From California to Arizona, Colorado to Maine, states across the country are legalizing the sale of medicinal marijuana. Recent warnings from U.S. attorneys, however, are making local governments rethink their plans.”

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Egypt-Gaza border opening turns out to be less than billed

“The Egyptian government's decision to permanently open its border with Hamas-controlled Gaza was heralded — or feared — as a sign of a new Egypt willing to risk U.S. and Israeli rebukes to break from the policies of toppled President Hosni Mubarak. In the end, however, it turned out to be so much less. Just 400 Palestinians crossed into Egypt. Another 30 were turned back because their names appeared on a security "blacklist."”

Gaddafi to be told to stand down or face Apache attack

“If South African president Jacob Zuma’s peace mission fails, Nato will deliver its heaviest blow to Libyan leader’s forces”

Good News: Is That Nat Geo Photo … A Painting?

“I can’t quite put a finger on what this reminds me of — other than something someone would paint. But it is, in fact, a photo, taken in Namibia by Frans Lanting for a story in National Geographic’s June issue.”
Editor’s Note: The photo does look like a painting. Amazing photography.

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