Tonight the critters will help pre-pare you for some pre-varications. (More)

The pundits and pollsters were all abuzz over Newt Gringrich’s major blunder mistatement on Meet the Press a few Sundays ago. He disrespected Wunderkind Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the GOP Budget that the Republicans have been trying to get passed for the last millenium. Republicans finally did get it passed when they found a willing group of lemmings GOP Freshmen in the House of Representatives who had been told that voting in lockstep with an ideology was more important than voting for your constituent’s needs. Their constituents, many of whom have been seen at town hall meetings, are clearly not impressed and the GOP Freshmen will soon be finding out what it is like to find a job in an economic environment which they did nothing to improve.

But I digress.

Silly Saturday

Newt had to walk back his criticism and pre-accused anyone who used his remarks of passing on “a falsehood”. About-to-be losing candidate Republican Jane Corwin was pre-challenging the results of the yet-to-be held NY-26 special election and pundits were pre-rebuking the importance of the outcome of that same election.

So the critters wanted to help pre-pare you for some things you might hear over the next 18 months as we head into the 2012 election cycle so that you can pre-but them.

Choose one of the answers: A or B

A: Republicans want to save Medicare

B: Democrats want to protect Medicare


A: Republicans are the party of family values

B: Democrats respect the value of all families


A: Republicans support the troops

B: Democrats vote to fund programs for veterans and their families


A: Republicans are fiscally conservative

B: Democrats voted to help alleviate the pain from the Great Recession


A: Global warming is a hoax, you can pray away the gay, the government is the problem not the solution, the media is liberal, the check is in the mail

B: We need Good Government

Calculating your BPI Progressive Index:
Add -10 for every A you selected and put your score here _____
Add +10 for ever B you selected and put your score here _____
Add them together ______ = BPI Progressive Index
Interpreting your BPI Progressive Index:
50 or higher (for rounding errors) – You pass, enter the venerable Venerable Hall.
Less than 50 – Please sign up for Summer School
One thing that we can’t do is expect the Republicans to pre-lose. We need to keep reminding people just who stands with them and who stands against them.

And keep beating this drum all the way until election day: November 6, 2012. Or as we will tell our Republican acquaintances: November 7, 2012. 😉

Who wouldn’t believe this face?

Note: I pre-refudiate anyone who suggests that I am engaging in any subliminal messaging.


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