Tonight we asked the critters to help us translate Republican-speak. (More)

Everyone knows that animals possess special communication skills that humans cannot comprehend. Perhaps it is because they don’t have that pesky problem of using “words,” which despite centuries of effort, sometimes cannot be translated into common understanding.

For example, while Googling for Silly Saturday, I found this handy Cat to Human translation link which shows that all communication can essentially be broken down into several sounds all made up of the letters m,e,i,o,w and sometimes “gak,” if it is a hairball related.

But I digress.

Silly Saturday

Here is the problem: Republicans speak a different language and if we are going to help voters understand just what they are saying, we need to provide them with translation tools.

For example, the simple phrase “I love Medicare.”

Let’s try Google translate

See the problem? It makes it appear as though Republicans truly love Medicare.

Now lets try the Speak LOLCat Translator

Much Better!


Republican: “slavery”


Republican: “serious and courageous”
Paul Ryan


Republican: “no deficit spending”


Republican: “socialism”


Republican: “voter fraud”


Republican: “I will just make stuff up in order to win an election”


Bingo! That really needed no translation, did it?

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