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Tennessee’s Cumberland Compact was signed today (1780). Also, Ecuador gained her independence (1830), Thomas Edison tested the electric railway (1880), Brazil abolished slavery (1888), the first apparition at Fátima was reported (1917), and in Brady v. Maryland the Supreme Court held that prosecutors could not conceal evidence that would help a defendant (1963). And Pope John Paul II was shot in St. Peter’s Square (1981).


As it’s Bippieweek, the Janitor Professor of Astrology decided to revisit last year’s Bippiescopes from this week to verify their accuracy….

Taurus – You probably impressed us, but we don’t remember it. Be more memorable this week.

Gemini – You did move to the top of the Bippiescope list. Score one for us. And you.

Cancer – You successfully stretched your frame for Success. It would now hold a mural.

Leo – You had a great weekend, but not that weekend. A Cancer would call that Success.

Virgo – You rearranged your frames, but it didn’t help. Try smallest to largest this time.

Libra – Thoughtful people still say you’re thoughtful. Or at least think about saying it.

Scorpio – The people you agreed did admire your thinking. Until you disagreed with them.

Sagittarius – Extra “User Support” is now available. It’s the stockings aisle.

Capricorn – People finally understood you. But it’s not individual thinking anymore.

Aquarius – Your frames now agree about that other other thing. But not about the other thing.

Pisces – Your iconic screensaver was a cultural success. We’re still waiting for your wait bar.

Aries – Your role explained the narrative of your strategy. But you were framed.

Well, at least one was clearly accurate, so Buffers, Inc. will recertify the Bippiescopes for another year….


Good morning! ::hugggggs::