Today’s output from Blogistan Polytechnic Institute’s state-of-the-art HEMMED (High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector) machine is a virtual update, or as I prefer to call it “What’s New”.

In our Welcome New Students, we (ahem) welcome new students and give them a tour of the campus so that they don’t get lost when classes start.

Our first tour took us through the Garden of Envy and the Genetics Lab and ended up at the Day Care Center.

Because this is a very big campus, we needed a second tour to show the rest of the campus including our Student’s Union and the HAWED Lab. And once again we ended up at the Day Care Center (as all good parents should).

                                                 My, how we have grown!

As our Chef Janitor Professor of Astrology Publisher and Founder NCrissieB noted in Monday’s Morning Feature: Happy Bippieday (Meta Monday), BPI Campus is about a year old. (I use the 13th, she uses the 9th … sometimes it is hard to agree on what one is commemorating 😉 ).

So I thought it was a good idea to hop into the BPI Hot Air Balloon and tool around campus for another Virtual Tour (# III in Romanese).
Hot Air Balloon
(And, yes, if you were wondering, there is no shortage of hot air on campus)

Being a virtual campus has its advantages because our building budget is only limited by whatever will fit in my PhotoBuckets.

Let’s stroll through the Rocket J. Squirrel Arches …

… and through the Mauna Loa Column into the campus gardens
(Note: $pon$or$hip of the other campu$ building$ i$ $till available)


On either side of our gardens are what we fondly call the Squarish Tower and the Roundish Tower.
Square TowerRound Tower
If you can figure out which is which, there is an opening in the Dept of Geometry — apply in the Squarish Tower.
(Yes, that is a test)

The Physics Building graces the campus’ north side.

Physics Building

Right now the Physics Department is working on a Mountain Simulation.
Mountain Simulation
I think you will agree that it is working quite well as this is the South Blogistan Main Campus.


No campus is complete without a Gargoyle or as we call it “Big Faced Guy With Mustache and Funny Helmet”


Quickly moving through campus (“how do you slow this thing down?”)

Chemisty (whoosh) Business (whoosh) Atrium (whoosh)
Chemistry BuildingBusiness BuildingAtrium


Until we arrive at Venerable Hall … named after the venerable Venerable Family

Venerable Hall


Now I am pretty sure that this photo does not belong here.
Normal School

Normal School? Er, not exactly. 😉

Happy Thursday to everyone and fist bumps!

The BPI Campus Progressive agenda:
1. People matter more than profits.
2. The earth is our home, not our trash can.
3. We need good government for both #1 and #2.
4. MEET YOU AT THE STUDENT UNION! Last one there buys coffee!!

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