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Cheney Defends Torture, Says Administration ‘Not Up To The Task’ In Libya

“This morning in an interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, former Vice President Dick Cheney stridently defended Bush era torture programs, calling harsh interrogation tactics “the most important steps we took that kept us safe for 7 years.” He also advocated reinstating waterboarding, telling Wallace that enhanced interrogation “worked, and provided absolutely vital pieces of information.”

Cheney resurrected an old GOP talking point in insisting that waterboarding was not torture, despite testimony of people like CIA Director Leon Panetta to the contrary. “It was a good program, it was a legal program, it was not torture,” Cheney maintained. “

Florida Cuts Unemployment Benefits To Pay For Corporate Tax Cut

“In the last few months, conservatives in several states have moved to limit unemployment benefits, even with the national unemployment rate at 9 percent and more than 40 percent of the unemployed having been out of work for six months or more. Conservative lawmakers in Utah falsely claimed that cutting jobless benefits would be “motivation for people to get back to work,” while Michigan gutted its unemployment insurance system despite having one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

Florida Republicans this weekend also succeeded in reducing their state’s unemployment benefits, sending a bill to Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) for his signature.”

Tenn. Readies For Flooding; Ky. Spared Calamity

“Some jittery Memphis residents began abandoning low-lying homes as the dangerously surging Mississippi River threatened to crest in coming days just shy of a 48.7-foot record of a devastating 1937 flood.”

At What Point Will Gas Prices Make You Walk?

“Oil prices have taken a dive and the demand for gasoline in the U.S. is down, but in the long-term, it sounds like higher prices are here to stay. What’s the tipping point where we’ll see a significant change in consumer behavior? Host Liane Hansen talks with Phil Flynn, an energy analyst with PFGBEST about the economic impact of high gas prices.”

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Fighting enters second day in Afghan city of Kandahar

“Suspected Taliban fighters attacked for a second day in the heavily fortified southern Afghanistan city of Kandahar.”

Bin Laden had support network in Pakistan: Obama

“WASHINGTON/ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Osama bin Laden likely had “some sort” of a support network inside Pakistan, President Barack Obama said on Sunday, but added it will take investigations by Pakistan and the United States to find out the nature of that support.”

China fines Unilever in inflation crackdown

“China’s government has fined consumer products maker Unilever by talking to media about expected price hikes for soap and triggering a buying rush “

Satire: Area Woman Marries Into Health Insurance

“The motives of local woman Janet Debois, 28, came under scrutiny Sunday following accusations that she had only married Vince Davidson, 31, for his generous health insurance policy.[…]Sources close to Davidson confirmed he plans to use his wife as a tax write-off.”

Good News: Wildlife Shelter Cradles Littlest Tornado Victims

“Relief workers in Alabama have been working around the clock to tend to victims of last week’s tornadoes. But for volunteers at the Alabama Wildlife Center south of Birmingham, they’re dealing with some of the smallest victims, wild birds.”

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