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Bush Aide: Obama Has ‘Pounded His Chest’ Over Bin Laden

“President Obama has pounded his chest too much and taken too much pride in the success of the mission to take out Osama bin Laden, according to, of all people, George W. Bush’s former Chief of Staff, Andrew Card.”

Pilot Refuses To Fly With Muslim Men On Board

“Two Muslim men were removed from a Delta commuter flight operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines Friday after the pilot refused to fly with them on board.

Masudur Rahman, an Arabic-language instructor at the University of Memphis and Mohamed Zaghloul, a religious leader in the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis told the AP they were removed from a flight leaving Memphis International Airport, heading for Charlotte, after the pilot refused to takeoff.”

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Rep. Allen West Refers To ‘Japanese Professor’ In Xenophobic Ad About China

“In the lead-up to the 2010 election, Citizens Against Government Waste, an anti-spending front group based in Washington D.C., released an ad designed to provoke xenophobic fears about Chinese holding of a portion of our national debt. The ad, titled “Chinese Professor,” depicts a fictional Chinese classroom in the year 2030 where a Chinese professor recounts the economic downfall of the United States and notes, “Of course, we owned most of their debt, so now they work for us”.”

GOP Rep. Burgess Claims Oil Prices Fell Because ‘The House Passed A Bill’

“Thursday, in a little-noticed move, the House of Representatives “passed legislation Thursday that would require the U.S. government to offer up offshore areas for oil and gas leasing,” with all but two Republicans and 33 Democrats voting for the bill.

During a hearing of the Joint Economic Committee hearing yesterday, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) claimed that the vote was responsible for Thursday’s sharp drop in oil prices. “What happened yesterday?” the congressman asked rhetorically. “Oh, the House passed a bill“.”

Is The End Nigh? We’ll Know Soon Enough

“May 21, 2011, according to some Christians, is Judgment Day, when the true believers will fly up to heaven while destruction befalls the rest. Disciples of this message are spreading the message of God’s imminent wrath — and feverishly preparing for the Final Day.”

The Hottest Product In Manufacturing: Jobs

“Job growth was better than expected in April, and one area where hiring continues to be surprisingly strong is manufacturing. Small- to medium-sized manufacturers around the country are taking advantage of a weaker dollar and demand for precision parts to increase their exports and add new jobs. NPR’s Chris Arnold reports.”

Bin Laden’s family lived a life of isolation at Pakistan home

“Osama bin Laden's last hideout was a dusty compound less than a mile from Pakistan's premier military academy, a place where he was confined to the house for five years, with three of his wives and several children. If he weren't the personification of evil, it would sound like a bad reality TV plot.”

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Muslim-Christian Clashes Kill 5 in West Cairo

“Christians and Muslims fought in Cairo on Saturday in violence triggered by word of a mixed romance, Egypt’s official news agency reported.”

The Perilous Job Of Conflict Photography

The journalists who cover war make up a tight-knit community. And they say they are still sifting through their emotions in the wake of the deaths last month of two experienced colleagues, Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington, who were killed documenting the uprising in eastern Libya.”

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Good News: Enrollment In High-Risk Insurance Pools Inches Up, But Remains Low

“Though it’s nearly 2,000 miles from Washington, Montana plays an oversized role in the health care debate. Its senior senator, Max Baucus, was one of the biggest players in crafting the sweeping federal health law.

And now Montana leads the country in the proportion of people who have signed up for the health law’s insurance program for those with pre-existing conditions.”

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