Tonight we take a flight of fancy and do a fly-over of GOP WingNuttiaWorld where Angry Constituents are airbrushed away and history is revised. (More)

In WingNuttiaWorld, the madcap Paul Ryan Express steamed full speed ahead on a collision course with Actual Public Opinion. Ryan claimed that people liked it … they really liked it. The House GOP Leadership was not convinced and decided to take repealing Medicare off the table, put it back on the table and then dangle it over the edge of the table.

Silly, you say? Yes, indeedy!

Silly Saturday


The House GOP proudly passed their Brand New Budget and got to take it home to show everyone what they had done


People flocked to the town halls to see what the the new Budget was all about


“It starts like this”, the GOP duck said to the geese.

“We’ll feed the top 1% first (pardon my toe)”.

“Seriously, what could be wrong with this plan?”


Not everyone liked the GOP Budget
She didn’t.

This couple didn’t.

This family didn’t.

The babies did not like it.

Lots of folks were confused

“But what about poor people and people who are sick?”

“What about those who are balancing paying for medicine versus paying for food, sending kids to college versus getting the car fixed?”


“What’s wrong with you people?”, said the GOP. “We are trying to HELP you!”


“Who could have seen that coming?”, the tea partiers cried in unison.


“Wait wait”, said Speaker Owl. “Let’s just change a few things”


“We’ll just take out the parts that no one liked. Here, what do you think of this?”


Now look what you have done!



Mean Citizens in Town Halls! And Mean GOP House Leadership!


Wait … this just in from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. I think it clears things up.

To: Congressional Republicans
Fr: Democratic Leader’s Press Office
Da: May 6, 2011
Re: “Confusion?” Not When It Comes to Your Vote to End Medicare As We Know It

“On the table.” “Off the table.” “Absolutely not.” No “Grand Slam.” “Singles.” “Doubles.”

There appears to be a lot of “confusion” coming from your side of the aisle, but there is one thing you can be certain of: your vote to end Medicare as we know it is anything but confusing to the American people.

Have a good weekend.

Those were angry birds after all. Nice try, GOP.

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