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Louis XIV moved his court to the Palace of Versailles today (1682). Also, the New York Herald premiered (1835), London’s Glaciarium (1844) and Paris’ Eiffel Tower (1889) opened, President Franklin Roosevelt created the Works Progress Administration (1935), the Hindenburg burned (1937), Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile (1954), and the Channel Tunnel opened (1994). And the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly held their first elections (1999).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology insists that this week’s Bippiescopes were not influenced by a Grade I stakes race for three-year-olds held in Louisville every year since 1875….

Taurus: Faced with a choice of roses or mint juleps, run for the roses. Or Go for Gin.

Gemini: If your Secretariat leaves you a message, Ponder it carefully. Then call His Eminence.

Cancer: Before you Spend a Buck to Strike the Gold, be a Super Saver. It’s called Street Sense.

Leo: Despite Sunday Silence, it’s never Real Quiet in Thunder Gulch. Except on the Funny Cide.

Virgo: Your Agile Barbaro, while Charismatic, is Decidedly Elwood. There were no other Es.

Libra: If Judge Himes says Behave Yourself, you may face a Genuine Risk. Call it a Broker’s Tip.

Scorpio: Old Rosebud is not a Whiskery on Stone Street in Baden-Baden. It’s Bubbling Over.

Sagittarius: To be a Sea Hero, tell your War Admiral to Count Fleet. And avoid a Cannonade.

Capricorn: We Donau whether Kauai King is a Burgoo King in Hawaii. Ask Macbeth II.

Aquarius: In a Pleasant Colony, a Lucky Debonair would be a Northern Dancer. Decidedly.

Pisces: The Middleground of that Forward Pass is a Meridian. So thread the Needles.

Aries: Enjoy a Foolish Pleasure as you Whirlaway in that Hoop Jr. Then it’s back to the Grindstone.


Good morning! ::hugggggs::