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REPORT: The 46 Year-Long Republican War On Medicare

“Last week, in a dramatic vote, the House of Representatives voted to effectively end Medicare by voting for Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget proposal. Under Ryan’s plan, the public health insurance system known as Medicare would be replaced with a system of inadequate subsidies seniors would use to purchase private insurance.

All but four House Republicans voted for Ryan’s plan. Since the vote, Republicans have been engaged in a major public relations effort where they are claiming they actually are “saving Medicare” by ending its status as public health insurance program and handing seniors over to insurance companies. Yet Main Street Americans don’t appear to be buying the GOP rhetoric, as they are angrily confronting Republican Members of Congress at their town hall events, demanding to know why they want to end Medicare.”

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South Carolina State Sen: Today’s Tea Party Should Go After Corporate Power Like Original Boston Tea Party Did

“At a the Tax Day Tea Party on Monday in Columbia, SC, a number of politicians, including Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC), gave rather routine speeches blasting the Obama administration and liberals. Towards the end of the event, one speaker delivered a fiery speech excoriating both Democrats and Republicans for giving away hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to well connected corporations in the state. State Sen. Tom Davis (R-SC) explained to the crowd that corporations are dominating South Carolina by hiring lobbyists, then demanding huge tax giveaways from the “ruling elite” of politicians. By giving money away to already powerful corporations, costs are pushed upon regular people in the form of service cuts or higher sales taxes.”

Does A Higher Minimum Wage Kill Jobs?

“Labor advocates say raising the minimum wage stimulates consumer spending. Problem is, with the unemployment rate still at 8.8 percent, elected officials don’t want to do anything that might discourage job creation.”

The Cycle Of Fear Over Rising Gas Prices

“Headlines this week screamed about rising gas prices — as they have many times before. In the past 15 years, Dick Polman, national political writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, estimates he’s covered spiking gas prices a dozen times. The story, he tells NPR’s Linda Wertheimer, almost always has the same narrative arc.”

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Republicans Not Quite Ready For The 2012 Rumble

“The 2012 campaign season is shaping up, and Obama is fresh off six fundraisers over a two-day visit to the West Coast. Republicans, on the other hand, are having trouble finding a front-runner of their own. Host Scott Simon and NPR Senior Washington Editor Ron Elving take a look at the latest fundraising numbers and the Republicans who are jockeying to run against President Obama come November of next year.”

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President of Yemen Offers to Leave, With Conditions

“Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to cede power if certain conditions were met, including immunity for him and his family.”

From Poland, Satellite TV Tries to Pierce the Belarus Media Muzzle

“For 17 hours a day, a team of nearly three dozen Poles and Belarussians broadcast into a country whose media are tightly controlled.”

Good News: Life Lessons? For These Kids, It’s Like Riding A Bike

“An innovative program in Kalamazoo, Mich., is giving children from under-served communities a chance to do something that so many other children take for granted: riding a bicycle. Kyle Norris of Michigan Radio reports” (with Audio Link)

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