Today’s output from Blogistan Polytechnic Institute’s state-of-the-art HEMMED (High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector) machine is in the form of digitized images or Videos.

Back by popular demand(s), HEMMED In and is proud to bring you a selection of Comedy Central videos.

So grab a box of popcorn!

Stephen Colbert: Pap Smears at Walgreens

Obama celebrates at the Lincoln Memorial, Jon Kyl rounds up abortion statistics to the nearest 90, and “Fox & Friends” explains why there’s no need for Planned Parenthood. (05:36)


Jon Stewart: Countdown to the Next Countdown – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Shuttered!

Congress prevents a government shutdown with mundane, pragmatic agreement, and the media examines fiscal policy in multiple-choice form. (05:28)

Classic line: Teaparty Congressman: “Well, it’s a good deal, but some poor people appear to remain oddly … un f**ed. My constituents won’t have it.”


Happy Saturday to everyone and fist bumps!

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