What kind of God do conservatives worship? A question on BPI spurred me to Google, and the results were not encouraging. (More)

What Kind of God Do They Worship?

BPI reader addisnana inspired me to Google when she asked:

Color me puzzled about  just what kind of God they worship in Idaho. Are the really saying God created rapists? Well alrighty then…I really abhor the twisted logic some religious arguments produce.

As a progressive I can only pull the veil back and look through the window distorted by my background. I see only darkly and I am deaf to most dog whistles. Please share your insights in the comments.

I found this:

Wherever God’s people, His willingly obedient subjects, are obeying Him in every aspect of their lives, there is where the King’s Kingdom is being brought forth in this world in time and space to implement His Biblical worldview.

It is inconceivable that it could be logical or that it could ever please the King to have His willing subjects bring their spiritual, theological, and ecclesiastical lives under His dominion without also bringing their families, finances, education, legal matters, professional life, voting choices, involvement in the arts and sciences, recreation, and physical health all under the King’s dominion; this in essence is living out the Christian and Biblical worldview.

God’s Plan, Religious Right Version

The religious right have a 24-year plan for “Christianizing” our nation:

Local, city-county, self-governing, united, “spiritual-political armies” must be formed which take the responsibility of Christianizing their local society and government. These local “armies” or “teams” are to be composed of leadership people from many different organizations, local churches, Christian businessmen and Christians in government, law, education, the media, medicine, technology with many different spiritual giftings and skills.

A long-term, comprehensive, local “Master Plan” for reforming one’s city and county must be created in writing in a consensus effort by a group of Christian “elders” and “city fathers” from various organizations and churches who are capable of working together in a united effort without caring who gets the credit.

A well-defined list of long-range, political and legal, etc., goals must be created in writing by consensus. This will clarify what exact changes a local TEAM believes God wants made in their city and state in the areas of Law, Government, Economics, Education, the Arts and Media, Medicine, Science, Social Morals, etc.

Christians who are serious about turning America around and back to operating by the biblical principles of our Founding Fathers have no other option but to openly and energetically and systematically take on these political goals of capturing a majority of seats in all governmental levels. When a strategic, Christian group gains enough precinct control to get a congressman or state representative elected, at that point they also have the precinct control to also get city councilmen, mayors, county board of supervisors, sheriffs elected as well, which should be part of their plans.

Twenty-four national elders are to identify and recruit 300 “Gideon Men” each of whom have their own regional, Christian organizations, who will oversee and lead a “City Team” of local leaders and oversee a portion of their state over the following 24 years. These 300 Gideon Men are to identify and recruit 7,000 Local Team Members who are to be distributed around the 60 major population centers and 50 states serving under the leadership of the 300 national Gideon Men.

This process … is to take approximately two years, taking us up to early 2010 before we have a significant percentage of this team in place to begin to implement the 24-year Plan.  Until that time when we have enough team members to proceed, the Plan is on “hold.”

What are the goals?

You can wade through the Seventeen Worldview Documents and if you have dog whistle ears you will get their goals. Their central objective is:

Bringing families, finances, education, legal matters, professional life, voting choices, involvement in the arts and sciences, recreation, and physical health under the King’s dominion.

From a progressive point of view the main goal is to instill Christian Discipline into all matters they consider under the King’s dominion. Individual points include allowing the church to enforce church discipline in matters of marriage, and parenting. The Church directs the pastor, the pastor directs the flock and the father rules the family.

In the area of Government the goal is to place Christians in positions of power through effective precinct organization. The ultimate goal being a change in law to eliminate taxes on any Church program, to allow unbridled wealth accumulation, to change public school education to agree with Christian teaching in e.g. US history and evolution. This goal also calls for allowing gender discrimination wherever the Christian Church desires.

In economics they have a lot of points, one being:

We affirm that in a free market, competitive economic system, there is more cooperation than competition to gain economic ends; that destructive competition results mostly from interference in the market economy by civil government, which causes special interests to attempt to use the coercive power of civil government for their own benefit at others’ expense; and that the competition engendered by the free market is a competition to supply people’s demands.

The fact that this does not match the reality of monopoly markets does not apply to faith based economics. They also oppose a graduated income tax. Why this does not apply to corporate taxes is a mystery to this progressive.

In summary, the religious right approach is to devolve planning based on high level goals. These goals are faith based and have little relation to the real world. They do reflect a persecution stance that progressives consider to be little more then replacing founding documents and religious freedom with their theocracy.