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Committees, committees, committees. I attended two local Democratic Party committee meetings last week. As chair of one committee, I joined with the chairs of two other committees to firm an ad-hoc committee. Which sounds like we all need to be committed, and we do, and we are, but not that way. Specifically, our state Democratic Party has designated us a swing county for 2012, and tasked us with achieving 100% precinct coverage for that election season. That was one of my primary goals as chair of our county Campaign committee, but that project also involves two other county committees. The two other chairs and I are already developing plans to identify, recruit, and train John Prestas in our county as precinct leaders.

And we don’t have much time. Florida’s 2012 primary is tentatively set for January 31st. The GOP presidential primary will be a high-profile race, and our GOP-dominated legislature plan to put several conservative referendums on that primary ballot. So while the Democratic presidential primary will likely be pro-forma, we still need to turn out Democratic voters for those referendums.