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As I have simplified my life, one area remains raging out of control. I have way too many cords and it seems like they each have a different type of connector on the end. We managed somehow to standardize what goes into the wall. Is it too hard to imagine standardizing what goes into the devices?

I could rationalize this little rant of mine as concern for the environment and reducing recycling and make it look quite progressive, but that would be dishonest. Really, I just want a more convenient way to charge stuff and hook it up. I am reluctant to throw out old cords because I am not always sure what device they went with and whether I will need them again. I was a Girl Scout.

I am not even a tech junkie (I know this because I have one son who is, so I have a standard of comparison). I have a Mac laptop, a Verizon MIFI modem, a cell phone, Bluetooth, an iPod, two digital cameras and a Nook. I may have forgotten something here. (Oh yes: a digital voice recorder.)

I don’t ‘upgrade’ my cell phone every time I can, in part because I understand my current phone and don’t find the learning curve on a new one either fun or exciting. The other part is not wanting to buy new car chargers and Bluetooth stuff. Is there a special graveyard for all the car and wall phone chargers that worked with the old phone, but not the new one? Why can’t every digital camera connect the same way?

In my desire to join the paperless world, I have become tangled up in more cords than one woman should ever need. Someday in the future, archeologists will find our piles and miles of cords and wonder what in the heck those people needed all these cords for. I can imagine them looking at the variety of different connectors and asking if they perhaps identified people as part of a certain sect. We should leave them a note about our consumption driven economy and the importance of cords.

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