Today’s output from Blogistan Polytechnic Institute’s state-of-the-art HEMMED (High-Energy Meta Mojo Elucidation Detector) machine is in the form of digitized images or Videos.

Back by popular demand(s), HEMMED In and is proud to bring you a selection of Comedy Central videos and videos from The Onion News Network.

So grab a box of popcorn!

Stephen Colbert: The GlennPocalypse

The Emergency Beckpack is filled with everything needed to survive in a post-Glenn world, including beef stroganoff. (03:57)


Jon Stewart: Victory Lapse – Transocean Bonuses

The Transocean executives responsible for the worst oil spill in U.S. history pat themselves on the back for an exemplary safety record.


The Onion News Network: Anti-Gay Protesters Turn Out In Florida
The Onion

I could not find the video for this but it may be a case of one picture capturing the essence.


Happy Saturday to everyone and fist bumps!

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