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REPORT: In 12 States, GOP Plans To Slash Corporate Taxes While Increasing Burden on Working Families

“ThinkProgress has been documenting conservative efforts to shift the burden of record budget shortfalls onto middle-class Americans, while simultaneously doling out tax cuts to corporations. While progressive governors have proposed raising revenue from those who can afford it, alongside painful cuts to programs, Republican governors have unveiled budgets that cut taxes for corporations and raise them on the middle-class and working poor. In this report, ThinkProgress evaluates the priorities conservatives have set in twelve states.”

Protests In Michigan Over ‘Financial Martial Law’

“Following the pitched political battles over public employee union rights in Wisconsin, Ohio, and elsewhere, another state’s fight over finances is heating up. In Michigan, new Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has just passed a bill through the legislature to allow state-appointed financial managers to void municipalities’ union contracts.

As the Macomb Daily Tribune reports, the bill has been described by Republican state Sen. Jack Brandenburg, a supporter, as “financial martial law” for localities where finances have gone out of control.”

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As Wisconsin Sens Head For DC, Labor Brings The War To Them

“On Wednesday evening, Republican state legislators from Wisconsin will gather at the offices of prominent DC lobbying firm BGR Group for a high-dollar fundraiser.

If they hoped that escaping Madison and the labor protests that continue there even after Gov. Scott Walker (R) decisively won the latest round of the bout over collective bargaining, labor progressive groups aim to make it clear they were mistaken.”

Boehner: The United States Should Be More Like France — When It Comes To Nuclear Energy

“Reacting to the nuclear meltdown crisis playing out in Japan, House Speaker John Boehner told an audience at a job creation forum Wednesday that the United States should and will learn lessons from the tragedy. But in the meantime, the country should aim to increase its reliance on nuclear energy — much like France.”

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As Kasich Sinks, Dem. Senator’s Reelection Odds Get A Big Boost

“Just two months ago, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) looked vulnerable to defeat heading into 2012. But now, amid a state-level showdown over union rights that has energized voters and sent Republican Gov. John Kasich’s approval rating into a tailspin, a new PPP poll of registered voters finds Brown suddenly dominating a slate of potential Republican challengers.”

Boehner Tips His Hand, Hints At Deal With Democrats On Spending

“Reflecting on Tuesday’s House passage of stopgap legislation to keep the government open for three weeks, House Speaker John Boehner suggested that the path to keeping the federal government running over the long term will require a compromise with Democrats — an acknowledgment that won’t sit well with conservatives in his party”

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Wasserman Shultz: GOP’s Anti-Abortion Bill Is ‘Nothing Short Of A Tax Increase’ On Women And Small Businesses

“House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has insisted that Republicans “do not want to raise taxes on anyone” because the American people demanded: “stop tax hikes.” Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has said that, in a time when the government is trying to spur private businesses to create jobes, Republicans “don’t believe that tax rates should go up” at all. However, as the Wonk Room’s Pat Garofalo notes, “House Republicans are evidently getting over their allergy for tax increases, at least when it helps them restrict a woman’s right to choose.””

What The Frack: Ohio Gov. John Kasich Wants To Open Up State Parks For Oil And Gas Exploration

“At the behest of then-Vice President Dick Cheney, an exemption was inserted into a 2005 energy bill — dubbed the “Haliburton loophole” — which stripped the EPA of its power to regulate a natural gas drilling technique called hydraulic fracturing. This method, called fracking, entails drilling a L-shaped well deep into shale and pumping millions of gallons of water laced with industrial chemicals — chemicals which the energy companies are not legally bound to disclose. The poisonous fluid fractures the shale and releases natural gas deposits for collection.”

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In 2009, U.S. Gov’t Awarded $3.7 Billion In Contracts To Almost A Dozen Corporate Tax Delinquents

“Right-wing state and federal lawmakers all over the country are asking Main Street Americans to sacrifice their education, health, and wellbeing by ramming through massive budget cuts and even tax increases on the working and middle class to finance tax cuts for the wealthiest among us.

And at the same time, corporate tax dodgers are getting away with paying little to nothing. For example, megabank Bank of America paid literally nothing in 2009 in corporate income taxes.

Now, a new audit by the Treasury Inspector General For Tax Administration finds that almost a dozen federal contractors that were delinquent on their taxes in 2009 nevertheless received billions of taxpayer dollars that same year.”

Medicine’s Rising Costs Put Hippocratic Oath At Risk

“Are doctors rationing health care? Health policy analyst Gregg Bloche says doctors routinely compromise the principles of the Hippocratic Oath when they decide which expensive tests and treatments they can and can’t provide, in order to please lawmakers, lawyers and insurance companies.”

U.S. Courts Dust Off High Seas Piracy Laws

“The U.S. is prosecuting pirates again. Piracy is one of the oldest crimes in federal law. Three cases have been heard in Virginia, including one in which five Somali men were sentenced this week to life plus 80 years. Often, suspects claim to be minors, and the government has to spend time trying to find out if it’s true.”

The Lede: Latest Updates on Japan’s Nuclear Crisis and Earthquake Aftermath

“On Wednesday, The NY Times Lede continues to supplement reporting from our colleagues in Japan on the post-earthquake crisis, including efforts to regain control of a damaged nuclear plant.”

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Good News: Gotcha! Elephant Caught Cheating

“Call her lazy, call her a cheat, call her what you like, but she’s one very clever elephant”

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