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The small town outside of which my aunt lives has a community health care practice. On board they have a licensed physician (on call) two physician assistants and a nurse practitioner. They have admitting privileges at the big Lincoln hospitals. They can serve as a primary health care provider or do occasional testing or take care of most things that kids need. They’re very flexible. They have navigated all the insurance forms and have files on the regulars. Since they know everyone, no cards need to be shown every time and they accept Paypal if that is how you want to pay. They are wonderful!

The two PAs and the NP live in town and know everybody by name. After three trips they even knew my name and I’ve never been there as a patient. They are located in a very small strip mall so parking by the door is very easy.

Let me put this into perspective. My aunt has a heart value and a pacemaker for which she takes Coumadin to prevent blood clots. Keeping her levels balanced requires an INR at least every two weeks and more often if her levels get out of whack. Before this gem of community health opened we had to drive 24 miles each way to the heart clinic which was located near the heart hospital. The group she saw was on the 6th floor. This was beyond her “walker” range and meant getting a wheel chair, loading her into it, taking her into the lobby, parking the car and finally going up to get her blood checked. This process usually took about three hours, longer on a busy day.

The last time we did this some too eager volunteer grabbed her chair and wheeled her to various admissions offices. When I came back from parking she was missing. The volunteer was unwilling to listen to my aunt. It took me a couple of hours to undo the paper work that had been started by the over eager volunteer. It took me several drafts and some very deep breathing to write a letter suitable for sending.

We went into the Community Health Center today and the 4 mile drive, the tests and a stop at Subway took not quite a half hour. I sure hope the future of health care has more places like the community health service. At least I don’t have to worry about my aunt being kidnapped.

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