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Schumer Calls GOP Bluff On Spending And Deficits

“Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called the Republican Party’s bluff on the need for deficit reduction Wednesday, outlining a fiscal framework that involves broader cuts and revenue raisers than the GOP has proposed — and warning that there will be no agreement on funding the government unless the GOP broadens its approach.

“A bipartisan compromise simply will not be found in the domestic discretionary spending cuts alone,” Schumer said in a half-hour presentation at the Center for American Progress. Without a broader scope, Schumer said, “we won’t be able to come to a compromise on a seven month budget.”

“I noted with interest last week’s Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, the most popular proposal to reduce the deficit out of 23 options surveyed was a tax — a surtax — on millionaires and billionaires,” Schumer said. “It’s not only a popular thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.””

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Wis. State Senate Passes Anti-Union Bill, In End-Run Around Dem Boycott

“Capping a dramatic turn of events, the Wisconsin state Senate on Wednesday night passed a new, stripped-down “budget repair bill” — which now excludes all the fiscal elements of the original budget repair bill, and simply includes the original’s provisions to roll back the collective bargaining and organizational rights of Wisconsin’s public employee unions.”

Wis. GOP Leader Scott Fitzgerald: ‘Are Our Recall Statutes Legit?’

“Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) expressed his frustration with the state’s recall laws, during a press conference on Tuesday.

Fitzgerald’s off-the-cuff comments sounded less like he was mulling any actual prospective efforts to change the law, but rather seemed more a show of irritation that a significant number of his caucus members — those last elected in 2008 — are being targeted for recalls by Democrats, in the battle over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal and its anti-public employee union provisions.”

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Why The Spike In Shootings Of U.S. Marshals?

“The death of Deputy U.S. Marshal John Perry in St. Louis yesterday marked the second death of an officer with the nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency in the line of duty this year. The incidents are shinning a light on the expanding role of federal law enforcement in apprehending state and local felons and raising questions about the impact of proposed budget cuts on the safety of federal law enforcement officers.”

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Resigns Over James O’Keefe Video

“NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller resigned from the news organization Wednesday morning in response to a hidden camera prank targeting NPR Foundation president Ron Schiller, adding another high-profile notch to James O’Keefe’s belt.

“The Board accepted Vivian’s resignation with understanding, genuine regret and great respect for her leadership of NPR these past two years,” read a statement from NPR Board Chairman Dave Edwards.”

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Republicans Struggle To Square Spending Cuts With Job Losses

“It’s hard to pin them down on it, but Republicans have a hard time squaring the fact that their spending cut plans will cost jobs with their broader message that President Obama’s stimulus plan harmed the economy.

At his weekly Capitol briefing with reporters Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stumbled into this contradiction.

“I can’t guarantee that somebody’s job might [not] be affected by reducing government spending,” McConnell acknowledged.”

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VIDEO: US Uncut Activists Crash Tax-Dodger Bank Of America’s Investors Meeting: ‘Pay Your Taxes!’

“A UK-inspired group calling itself US Uncut has been demanding that tax dodgers like Bank of America pay their taxes so that the poor and the middle class aren’t the only ones asked to sacrifice in order to balance budgets.

Yesterday, the megabank held its investor conference in New York City. At one point during the meeting, activists from US Uncut disrupted the proceedings and unfurled a banner demanding that Bank of America pay its taxes. “Bank of America: Pay your taxes! When you don’t pay your taxes, we have to fire teachers and firefighters and public servants. You’re a Tax Dodger,” US Uncut activist Ryan Clayton exclaimed. “You’re bad for America. Pay your taxes. Tax dodger! Bank of America is a tax dodger. Pay your taxes. Do you pay your taxes? I do. Why doesn’t this company?” “

Illinois Abolishes Death Penalty, Clears Death Row

“Illinois has banned the death penalty, joining 15 other states that have abolished capital punishment for convicted prisoners. Gov. Patrick Quinn signed the bill to end the practice and commuted the sentences of 15 inmates who had been on the state’s Death Row.”

Koch Industries Employs PR Firm To Airbush Wikipedia, Gets Banned For Unethical ‘Sock Puppets’

“Last year, Koch Industries began employing New Media Strategies (NMS), an Internet PR firm that specializes in “word-of-mouth marketing” for major corporations including Coca-Cola, Burger King, AT&T, Dodge and Ford. It appears that, ever since the NMS contract was inked with Koch, an NMS employee began editing the Wikipedia page for “Charles Koch,” “David Koch,” “Political activities of the Koch family,” and “The Science of Success” (a book written by Charles). Under the moniker of “MBMAdmirer,” NMS employees edited Wikipedia articles to distance the Koch family from the Tea Party movement, to provide baseless comparisons between Koch and conspiracy theories surrounding George Soros, and to generally delete citations to liberal news outlets. After administrators flagged the MBMAdmirer account as a “sock puppet” — one of many fake accounts used to manipulate new media sites — a subsequent sock puppet investigation found that MBMAdmirer is connected to a number of dummy accounts and ones owned by NMS employees like Jeff Taylor.”

Memphis Residents Vote To Disband Schools

“Residents of Memphis have voted to disband the city’s school district and hand over control of its schools to the Shelby County Board of Education. The Memphis School District enrolls predominately black students, many of whom are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The Shelby Country school district is a smaller and more affluent system, serving mostly white students. To find out what the vote means, host speaks with Zack McMillin, a reporter with The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis.”

Obama makes time for bullying prevention effort

“As the nation focuses on the crisis in Libya, soaring gas prices and a looming budget showdown with Congress, President Barack Obama on Thursday will turn his attention to something different — the problem of bullying.”

U.S. Lawmaker Supporting Terrorist Group? Rep. Peter King Isn’t the First

“The Republican lawmaker who has deemed WikiLeaks to be a terrorist organization and is holding hearings this week on the dangers of home-grown Islamic radicalization has found himself on the defense in recent days.

Yesterday Rep. Peter King was mocked on The Daily Show, and today he’s in the New York Times for his longtime support of the Irish Republican Army—which killed hundreds of civilians in attacks against the British. While acknowledging that “terrorism is terrorism,” the New York politician made no apologies for his support of the IRA, telling the Times that “the I.R.A. never attacked the United States. And my loyalty is to the United States.””

In Egypt, Preparations for a Rarity: A Real Vote

“Amr Moussa, the apparent front-runner in the Egyptian election, attended a raucous town-hall-style meeting.”

Good News: Locke’s China appointment brings family’s story full circle

“A little more than a century ago, Gary Locke’s grandfather moved from China to Washington state, where he found a job as a houseboy in exchange for English lessons.”

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