This week Evening Focus presents a week long symposium on privatization of government services. (More)

First, our thanks to last week’s Evening Focus lecturers.

Roby NJ presented a two-day series on Advanced Game Theory. On Monday we saw what the outcomes from a high-stakes game of chicken might be. On Tuesday, he talked about how the mistakes made by Scott Walker in Wisconsin have led to the standoff there.

On Wednesday, JanF described lessons to be learned from the failed TABOR law in Colorado and followed up on Thursday with the not so surprising conclusion that most people like government services.

Please check them out if you missed them.

Which brings us to the upcoming week.

On Monday, March 7th at 8pm Eastern , Roby NJ will offer his business students’ responses to the 2009 Morning Feature article on E.Rex, which was reprised last Wednesday. On Tuesday and Wednesday (March 8th and 9th) the BPI Squirrel will moderate a faculty debate on privatization:

The Squirrel says faculty members will be randomly chosen to provide responses and rebuttals to questions about the increasing use of private contractors to perform public services. The Squirrel blinked as he said “randomly,” but he insists that was just the after effects of his week in North Central Blogistan.

Check back for any scheduling changes as sometimes an author’s personal schedule may necessitate a change.

The authors will be available in the comment threads later in the evening to answer questions and ask new ones. And as with all BPI Campus posts, our students and faculty often comment from other time zones (or levels of insomnia) and will likely add thoughts throughout the evening and into the next several days. Please check back and pick up a thread, reply to a comment or post a comment on something about the post that struck you later. Comments are checked often by Authors and other students.

Note: At present, we do not have any Evening Focus lecture scheduled for Thursday, March 10th or Friday, March 11th. If you have an interest in posting either a one-day or two-day series on the topic of privatization, please volunteer in the comments or contact us. We also have no authors scheduled for the week of March 14th.

Now a word from our sponsors:

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Happy Sunday evening! And Happy Sunday afternoon to those in the leftier time zones.