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I left for the north woods and a dog sledding trip on Friday. I turned my cell off and left my computer behind. No news meant just that no news.

I missed the BPI crew but whatever happened in the world at large happened without my attention to it. I assume Egypt is still is some sort of delicate balance. I’m guessing we are still engaged in wars in Iraq (winding down) and Afghanistan. I’m assuming that the Super Bowl fans all eventually made it into Dallas in spite of ice and snow. I’m assuming, since I’ve plugged in again, that JanF and other Packer fans are happy and that those who were either anti-Packer fans or pro-Steeler fans are unhappy. I am assuming that the Republicans are still intent on pillaging the middle class.

While all the news was happening without me, I was in a little slice of heaven on earth. My sister and I share a late December birthday. She was just 59 and I was 64. We decided to take a dog sledding trip to celebrate our birthdays. We were lucky enough to pick the best winter weekend weather so far this season. Highs in the high 20s, low 30s and lows in the mid teens. Last week and next week both highs and lows stand a good chance of being below zero.

I am not sure I will ever find words to describe the magic of gliding through the woods and over frozen lakes pulled by a team of 6 Alaskan huskies. The only sounds were the swoosh of the sled’s runners, the occasional yip or bark from one of the dogs and the rare whomp of some big heap of snow leaving it’s perch on an evergreen tree. Mesmerizing silence with a serenity that moved me to tears. The news that I missed was more that made up for by the peace and the gift of seeing the spirit of nature as yet untouched or screwed up by human beings.

If the news is getting to you, may I humbly suggest an up close and personal visit with Mother Nature. There is a lot we could learn from her. Find a wild place, an unspoiled place, and give her your heart. Maybe all you need to do is sit under a tree.

Maybe standing on a beach and listening to the waves will do it for you.

She’s waiting for each of us to come home to her.

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